EnVue Telematics powered by Azuga

The powerful, rewards-driven fleet tracking that everyone loves!


With instant-install OBD-II plug-in devices, an intuitive cloud-based management portal, and a focus on gamification and driver rewards, businesses everywhere are moving up to EnVue Telematics powered by Azuga to improve fleet and field operations, reduce costs, and get workers engaged in building a culture of safety.


Managers Love It

EnVue Telematics is incredibly easy to use—just plug it in. No installation costs, no downtime. Data pours into the secure management portal, giving instant insight and reporting that’s easy to read and easy to use. Customers say it’s the most user friendly portal they’ve ever used.

Drivers Love It

EnVue Telematics lets you move from “gotcha” to “great job!” Unlike other fleet tracking solutions and safety programs that are punitive, our unique approach to Driver Rewards gets workers engaged and motivated to drive safely and win. And when they compete, you win.

Bottom Line: You'll Love It

You’ll manage a safer, less costly, more efficient fleet. No up-front costs, punishing contracts or termination fees. For one price you get it all: data and reports for control and savings, driver safety scores and rewards, vehicle maintenance and much more.


“I’ve tried them all. Simply put, Azuga has the best price-performance value. The investment paid for itself in the first month of use.”

John Todaro, Operations and HR Manager, PhotoFax

“Azuga helps save money from day one.”

Stephen James Operations Manager, Earthtech Landscape


Benefits and ROI from EnVue Telematics powered by Azuga


Get Control of Fleet and Service Operations

How do you keep track of what you team is doing in the field? Of if you’re spending too much on gas? Or overtime? Azuga Fleet gives you amazing insight into what’s happening so you can control operations and make changes to improve performance.


Increase Your Revenue

Real-time monitoring of your team’s activities helps you keep workers on task. It also helps the office team to dispatch work more effectively. This combination helps Azuga Fleet customers boost productivity increase revenues by completing more service calls and deliveries every day.


Cut Fuel Costs

Eliminate unnecessary wasteful routes, pull speeding down, decrease miles driven, monitor unauthorized vehicle use. Integrate Azuga with your fleet fuel card for increased spending control. Using Azuga fleet tracking reduces fuel costs as much as 15%.


Build a Culture of Safety and Performance

EnVue Telematics uses gamification, rewards and social sharing to help you change your team’s attitudes about fleet tracking and get them competing to be the safest and best driver. This help you create a culture of safety and performance


Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Using EnVue Telematics fleet tracking show a focus on safety and risk reduction that commercial auto insurers appreciate. Azuga customers have negotiated premium discounts of as much as 15%. Boosting safety behind the wheel decreases claims and out of pocket expenses from accidents.


Key Features and Functions of EnVue Telematics Powered by Azuga


No-cost Plug-n-Play Installation

Just plug the EnVue Telematics tracking device into the OBD-II or J-bus ports in the vehicle cockpit. No upfront installation cost and no taking vehicles out of service. And it’s no problem to switch out a device or change vehicles. No professional installers or tools needed.


Manage Fleet and Service Operations with Real-time Data

Managing fleet and field operations takes a leap forward with EnVue Telematics. Keep an eye on your team’s activity with real-time vehicle location and status. Use the Fleet Performance Dashboard to review how your fleet is doing compared to other similar fleets. Receive alerts that help you monitor speeding, route selection, stop durations, and more.


Monitor Driver Behavior and Coach for Improvement

Reducing risk and building a safety culture becomes much easier with EnVue Telematics’ advanced driver scores and Driver Rewards. Driver scores help you understand your team’s risky driving behaviors, including speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering and idling. Aggregate sores make it easy to stack rank your drivers so you can reward those who are safe, and coach those that need improvement.


Better Manage Fleet Health and Reduce Maintenance Costs

EnVue Telematics takes the headaches out of fleet maintenance management. Use DTC code reports to identify service requirements to keep your fleet running. Use service entries and service history to get automated alerts that help you stay on top of preventive maintenance.


Powerful Reports and Real Time Alerts

EnVue Telematics fleet tracking puts the insights you need for effective fleet management at your fingertips. 19 pre-built reports, custom reports and automated report delivery give you and your team the data you need the way you want to see it. Dozens of alerts can be customized to help managers stay on top of operations, drivers’ activities, and maintenance.