Geotab has been an industry leader for over a decade in providing end-to-end, hardware and software, solutions for leading local and Fortune 500 companies. Based on total units sold, Geotab is now the largest telematics supplier to enterprise level fleets, working with ten of the top 100 fleets in North America. Geotab’s proven growth technology has helped customers effectively reduce costs, improve driver safety and enhance efficiency within an easy-to-use, web-based platform.



Elite EXTRA™ (Extreme Tracking and Routing Application) is an online, real-time tool that streamlines your deliveries, while lowering your operational costs.This innovative, yet affordable delivery system transforms antiquated paper-based and phone call-dependent processes into automated and integrated traffic control centers.  EXTRA automatically creates optimal routes on a web-based interactive map, increasing productivity for your dispatchers and drivers, while also reducing vehicle and fuel expenses.  EXTRA is a product of Extra Trax, LLC with offices in Wisconsin, California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Virgina.


Kyrus Mobile offers employers and fleet managers a cost-effective method of disabling texting and other distracting applications on mobile phones while driving. Our technology automatically limits the use of smartphones when vehicles are in motion. Our security provisions prevent tampering, and provide audit and compliance reports to enforce phone usage policies..



SkyBitz, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telular Corporation (NASDAQ: WRLS), is a leader in global remote asset management solutions, and in providing real-time information on the location and status of assets. More than 700 enterprises rely on SkyBitz technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service. SkyBitz delivers its solution via SkyBitz Insight, a secure web-based application that is fully customizable and requires no software downloads. For additional information, visit or the company blog at



PowerFlare exists to create and build superior products for public safety professionals and related applications. The PowerFlare® Electronic Beacon was invented by an officer from a municipal police department in Silicon Valley with the objective of eliminating the danger, difficulty in use, and needless cost of old-fashioned road flares. PowerFlare Corporation's experienced engineering team with expertise in mechanical design, electronics, and optics converted this concept into a rugged design incorporating cutting-edge technology.



Geoforce employs various wireless technologies: satellite and cellular-based GPS tags, RFID systems and a powerful Cloud based software platform and enterprise grade web services to track oil and gas assets around the world. Geoforce's intuitive, reliable and scalable technology, developed through extensive oil and gas industry experience, provides customers with on-demand access to unique operational insight. With the largest satellite asset tracking deployment in the oilfield, Geoforce is proven to increase efficiency, transparency and profits.


PressurePro is committed to providing a reliable, durable, accurate, simple to install and easy to use pressure monitoring product that is trusted by customers, provides greater safety and savings. PressurePro is committed to a strong development program providing strategic and quality products at competitive pricing insuring value for customers as well as to society and the environment.


Redtail Telematics Corporation is based in Southern California and is an established global manufacturer of state-of-the-art GPS tracking products for fleets, as well as a strategic Data Warehouse supplier to the Insurance Telematics industry and other enterprise-level customers in both the U.S. and Europe.


Gold Cross Safety Corporation is the foremost developer and provider of proven and innovative "Attitudinal and Behavioral" based Driver Training-Loss Control programs. Gold Cross Driver Training programs are used by hundreds of Major Corporations, Federal, State and Municipal Fleets with documented accident rate reductions results. Training programs are "Low Cost-High Impact." Drivers and their families have rated these courses as "excellent-superior." All Gold Cross training can be completed at the driver's own pace.


The resqme tool was inspired and developed by Laurent Colasse in 2003 and founded under his company NOV8. After the introduction of the LifeHammer, the resqme tool was designed out of need for a portable and accessible auto rescue tool. With the resqme tool drivers can be confident that they will be able to cut through safety belts and break car windows "when seconds count…"