Monthly cost per device:

Increased Revenue

How many vehicles :

Time gain per day/vehicle(min) :

Hour billing rate:

Extra Billing per day/vehicle:

Total Extra Billing per day(for fleet):

Total Extra Billing per month(21.67 works day/mo.):

Labor Savings

Avg wages (hourly) :

Time gained per day/vehicle (min) :

Wage savings per day/vehicle :

Total wages saved per day (for fleet):

Total wages saved per month (21.67 work days/mo) :

Fuel Savings

Reduced travel per day (miles):

Reduced idling per day (mins) :

Avg fuel consumption (MPG) :

Avg idling fuel consumption (GPH) :

Cost of fuel (per gallon) :

Fuel savings per vehicle/day :

Total fuel cost saved per day (for fleet) :

Total fuel cost saved per month (21.67 workdays/mo.) :

Return Calculation

Total Rev and Savings/mo :

Total cost of solutions inc Dispatch :

Month one ROI for solution :