5 Killer Benefits Telematics Provides Your Field-Based Business 

In recent years, the landscape of telematics offerings has advanced significantly from the basic “dots on a map” method for fleet management. With a plethora of features now at your disposal, your company has the flexibility to tailor the technology to match your specific needs. 

For example, specialized GPS tracking technology is essential for companies operating in the field service sector, also known as workforce management, as they are deploying technicians to specific job sites. 

There’s no universal telematics solution – each business varies in location, purpose, and scale. This business operational reality requires a customized approach and a telematics service provider that aligns with your goals. 

Field service businesses need help with productivity and cost savings in a multitude of ways. Let’s take a closer look into each specific benefit to your company. 

1. Optimizing Productivity  

A GPS tracking system can boost productivity by helping dispatchers optimize the routes their technicians take, as well as having real-time awareness about their vehicles. This enables a quick response when dispatchers need to change a schedule or route on the fly due to a traffic impact or customer cancellation. 

GPS tracking, including geofencing, also increases productivity by helping managers reduce time theft and waste. GPS tracking and video systems can provide proof of service by validating arrivals and departures of technicians from job sites. It arms business owners with data around the amount of time a technician spends on each job site. 

2. Stay on Top of Preventative Maintenance 

Telematics systems provide the data that helps those who are managing company vehicles stay on top of their preventive maintenance with notifications that help enforce compliance with maintenance schedules. 

Vehicle data includes the VIN, odometer readings, and engine-based operating data. Effective systems track each vehicle’s maintenance history, identify potential issues, and receive timely service notifications. 

Fleet admins from plumbing, electrical, or other service companies receive maintenance notifications, and triage vehicle repairs by seriousness of the work. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) alert managers about the nature of the repair needed. Vehicle downtime is costly. Fleets lose an average of $448 to $760 a day, per vehicle, or $79.33 per hour due to vehicle downtime, according to CerebrumX. 

3. Higher Driving Standards for Drivers 

As an owner of a field service business, you are placing your trust in your drivers, who are often operating cargo vans with your company’s branding that make the vehicle a mobile billboard. 

Dash cams increase safety by providing greater awareness of risky driving, real-time coaching, and support for coaching workflows. Having access to videos from these cameras can help clarify what happened during an accident; identify areas of concern; and provide in-cab alerts to drivers to help them self-coach out of risky behavior. 

The cost of implementing video telematics has fallen in recent years, which is bringing technology that was once almost exclusively used by large trucking carriers down the chain to mid-size service companies. 

4. Data Insights 

Improve the profitability of your field service fleet with actionable insights through your telematics system data. Some examples are quickly identifying and managing your greatest cost drivers, eliminating fuel waste, reducing downtime, and minimizing insurance costs. 

Not only that, but vehicle data can also be integrated into your back-office workflows so it can be used to support time-keeping functions to reduce employee time waste. 

5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction  

A GPS tracking system that helps your dispatchers provide customers with real-time updates and accurate arrival times for technicians improves customer experience. It can also help with billing and invoicing, allowing for a more streamlined customer experience.  

A good customer experience benefits your company’s reputation management, with customers more likely to leave a positive review. 

EnVue Telematics has been helping those in the field service businesses customize their telematics system since 2011. In 2023, we were chosen as one of seven Geotab resellers out of more than 250 resellers that provided top-shelf customer service. 

Whether you have questions, need a quote, or would like to schedule a free demo of our solutions, we’re here to assist! 

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