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Implementing enterprise fleet management will make your business much more efficient, safe and profitable. Five of the areas where you will see the best results include Telematics Solutions, GPS Tracking, Fleet Video Recording, DOT Compliance, and Routing and Dispatch.

The combination of advanced technology and smart application of that technology is giving fleet managers an advantage in a competitive environment. It’s critical to purchase your telematics solutions from a company that offers expertise on the best use of technology and strong support after the sale.

How Enterprise Fleet Management Saves Money

In every industry, technology is about efficiency. In that respect, technology is an extension of continuous process improvement. Digital systems offer a chance to find areas that can be streamlined and where fleet management can become more effective.

Some of the most frequent areas addressed where gains are made in enterprise fleet management include the following.

Telematics Solutions

Fleet managers now have a wide variety of telematics solutions to choose from that will improve fleet performance. They include systems that track fuel efficiency, driver habits (some offering advice in real-time) and engine maintenance (alerting drivers and fleet managers when service is due).  

Some of the specific areas include those below.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is familiar to everyone who drives a modern vehicle or has a smartphone. When used in fleet management, it involves a vehicle tracking device and software to allow managers to know where every vehicle in the fleet is located in real-time. The systems also allow fleet managers to collect data on vehicle health, driving behavior and the productivity of the fleet. Staying on top of these issues can maximize profits, fix errors and eliminate waste that leads to losing money. 

Fleet Video Recording

This covers a wide range of issues in enterprise fleet management. They include dash cams for seeing inside a cabin, as well as cameras that can provide drivers a better view outside of the vehicle. It also is important in the case of accidents, recording important information about the causes of the accident. Video can save money by avoiding accidents and in any lawsuits related to accidents. 

DOT Compliance

Every enterprise fleet manager always has DOT compliance top of mind. Automated systems offered through telematics can provide far easier ways to track this important issue, including ensuring that drivers have all the up-to-date licenses, pre-trip and post-trip paperwork, calculating fuel taxes and maintaining all records required by the DOT, and providing a digital chain of custody record for important freight and documents. 

Potential savings are found in avoiding any type of government fine or losing your best drivers to downtime. 

Routing and Dispatch

In the old days, dispatchers gave drivers a manifest that indicated the stops they needed to make. That was it. That’s, thankfully, no longer the case. A telematics system allows fleet managers to find the best routes between two points and make changes in real-time as obstacles present themselves.

However, that is just the beginning. Optimized routing and dispatch using telematics solutions involve matching the right driver in the right vehicle and reaching each stop based on calculated time frames that meet customer expectations. This can potentially save money by retaining clients and creating a reputation for on-time delivery that can lead to the expansion of your business. Putting technology in place to make advances in these important areas is the key to finding ways to save money in enterprise fleet management. And that’s critical to staying competitive in today’s marketplace.

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