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The telematics solutions offered by Geotab reach fleets through resellers who offer varying levels of customer services. Choosing the right Geotab reseller is important for fleet managers who want to maximize the benefits from their investment in technology.

The best Geotab resellers provide significant services around Geotab telematics systems, effectively customizing their products and services to meet the needs of each individual fleet. However, choosing the right one is often difficult, especially when fleet managers and executives have not prepared for the search.

The following provides a quick overview of important questions to ask that will prepare you for finding the right Geotab resellers. The returns that come from planning in this area are well worth the investment of time.

What to Ask Geotab Resellers

Geotab generally sells all of its products through resellers. This allows Geotab to focus on making the best telematics devices and systems, and allows resellers to focus on sales and customer service. The best Geotab resellers become trusted advisors to their clients, guiding them through the installation process and helping them get the most from innovative technology.

Every fleet has its own set of priorities and fleet service needs. A fleet of cargo vans that handle last-mile deliveries in urban centers has different needs than a fleet of 100 cars used by a pharmaceutical company for its sales team. That said, these general questions work in most situations and can get a fleet started on the right path.

1. How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?

Longevity is a prime quality indicator in every business. A business that continues to attract clients over many years is a business worth looking into more closely. Generally speaking, they will have both leaders and frontline employees with experience in dealing with many different situations, making them better at providing the best advice to fleets.

2. What Kind of Support Do They Offer?

With Geotab products, there’s no reason to doubt that your money is buying state-of-the-art telematics products. But what happens after the sale closes? The best Geotab resellers offer sound advice before and after the purchase, allowing fleets to optimize technology in a way that produces the best possible outcomes.

3. Do They Offer Assistance In Setting Up Rules and Reports?

This is part of the after-sale service, but it’s worth asking about specifically. Telematics systems come with many different options for creating data reports. Unless someone on staff has expertise in this area, it’s invaluable to have a reseller who offers guidance on how to set up the type of reports and data analysis rules you need.

4. Do They Support U.S. and Canadian ELD Laws?

The laws that regulate the use of ELD vary between the U.S. and Canada. Ask if the Geotab reseller can analyze logs to explain the reason behind a violation and see if they offer support that helps drivers manage their Hours of Service logs. Also, find out what they know about managing records for the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

5. Can You Provide Details on Service Fees?

With this question, you can again assess what type of fees are offered, as well as the cost associated with those services. You also want to find out what will cost you extra before signing off on the deal. For example, find out if there is an annual increase in service fees built into the contract. This is for financial planning purposes and also to ensure you make use of every service you pay for.

6. What Is Their Level of Telematics Knowledge?

Beyond setting up reports and advising drivers on ELD and HOS reports, it’s also important to find out the level of expertise in telematics the Geotab reseller offers. This includes the use of data in areas such as fleet risk management, dispatch and routing, regulatory compliance and integrating fleet data into overall business strategy.

These questions can get fleet managers off to a good start when finding the right Geotab reseller. It’s an important issue because the effectiveness of these systems is dependent on the knowledge and services offered by the reseller. The best will provide consultative services that help make fleet operations more efficient and profitable.

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