Aftermarket Ford Telematics

Ford is one of the most popular vehicle brands in the U.S. and around the world. Part of Ford’s popularity comes from commercial fleets that frequently purchase Ford vehicles, including the F-150, Ford Explorer, transit vans and larger trucks such as the F-650 and F-750.

Ford’s popularity with fleets has made the company “the undisputed monster of the commercial truck business in the United States,” according to Forbes.  Every type of organization uses Ford vehicles, from city police departments and regional utility companies to small businesses and large corporations.

Telematics solutions can help fleets get the most out of their Ford vehicles. Ford vehicle telematics systems allow fleets to optimize their use of the automaker’s vehicles.

Aftermarket Ford Telematics Systems

The following offers some examples of how advanced, aftermarket telematics systems can help fleets optimize performance of their commercial vehicles. Ford does offer their own telematics and safety system options, but the following solutions take your customization ability to the next level. These solutions can be used on all makes and models, not just Ford.

Popular Ford F-150® Fleet Safety Tech

The modern Ford F-150, the most popular vehicle in America, provides many enhanced technologies such as Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch. By adding dash cams, fleet managers can help improve driver performance. Connected with advanced software systems, dash cams are key to providing real-time alerts to drivers if they engage in unsafe activities such as speeding, changing lanes without signaling or taking corners too fast. They also provide insight into driver behavior, helping fleet managers individualizing training to support drivers in areas where they most need additional help.

GPS Tracking for Ford Transit Vans

Ford transit vans are extremely popular with fleets. They often are used in complex delivery businesses involving many routes and a variety of delivery locations every day. GPS tracking provides key information that allows dispatchers to choose the best routes and make changes when necessary because of weather, traffic conditions or road hazards. By having a real-time view of every vehicle’s location and destination, fleets can increase productivity and strengthen the bottom line. These systems also provide useful data about driver behavior and engine performance.

Improve Ford Explorer Fuel Consumption

The Ford Explorer is another popular fleet choice, including law enforcement agencies that increasingly use SUVs rather than cars. But as with all fleets, fuel costs remain one of the biggest single expenses managers must contend with every year. That’s especially true in a year when fuel costs have skyrocketed. Ford vehicle telematics systems can improve fuel consumption in a variety of ways. They include using systems that improve driver behavior and cut down on fuel-burning habits such as excessive idling.

Telematics also can track fuel costs by route and vehicle, helping managers make the best possible choices when matching delivery jobs with certain vehicles. Telematics also monitor engine performance, tire pressure and other mechanical issues that can impact fuel consumption and allow them to address issues before they worsen.

Routing and Dispatch for F-650/F-750

The Ford F-650 and F-750 are commercial trucks often used by construction companies and utilities. They feature 7.3L V8 gas engines and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) as high as 37,000 lbs. (GVWR reaches 50,000 lbs. in properly equipped diesel models). Fleets that use these powerful trucks can benefit from routing and dispatch systems that allow them to create better route planning sequences and dispatch drivers via a smartphone or tablet. They also can track all vehicles in real time. Routing and dispatching systems also allow fleet managers to analyze real-time and historical data, helping them make data-driven decisions on business strategy.

These are four of the many areas where the advanced technology used in telematics systems can provide significant support to fleet managers as they put their Ford vehicles to work.

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