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EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing connected solutions to the transportation industry, is a provider of fleet telematics to AGL Welding Supply Co. With offices in New Jersey and New York, the company has successfully operated since 1920.

AGL Welding Supply came to EnVue seeking telematics solutions to improve management of the company’s fleet of delivery vehicles, including better insight into maintenance issues. Company leaders report that the Geotab system they purchased through EnVue Telematics, coupled with EnVue’s service, has made a difference.

“The engine health reports are first class. When our vehicles need repairs, we are able to instruct the dealership or repair facility of the fault codes and necessary repairs,” said Thomas J Fenelon Jr., Co-founder AGL Welding Supply Co. “They are usually shocked that we can extract that type of granular data from our telematics systems. I wonder how many of your users know the complete capabilities of your system. EnVue does a great job at providing the necessary training to get maximum value from Geotab.”

Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics, said staff at the Longview, Texas-based company are especially proud of AGL’s satisfaction with service after the sale.

“One of the things we focus on is continuing to work with clients after they purchase a product, helping them to maximize every feature offered and use it in every possible way to improve fleet performance,” said Shive. “We’re proud to see the results that AGL is getting from putting connected telematics systems to use.”

A Century of Business Success

AGL Welding Supply Co. offers services to dozens of businesses within three main areas: medical, industrial and life science. The company specializes in manufacturing and delivering specialty gases.

For example, in the medical industry, AGL develops technologies that are critical to the function of hospitals and other healthcare operations. They include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, medical air, argon, helium and blended gases. The company also produces the shielding gases used in welding, as well as gases in packaging and processing foods, beverage dispensing and flowers and fragrance.

As part of their operation, AGL owns, operates and maintains a fleet of delivery vehicles, which is where the telematics solutions through EnVue have made a difference. “We’re proud to work for a family-owned company with such a great history and a commitment to evolving for the future,” said Shive. “AGL also shows that the benefits of telematics systems can work for fleets in any type of industry and companies of all sizes.”

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