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Continuous process improvement is the goal of the best fleet management software systems. One area that is always a focus is finding route planning solutions that make fleet management that much more effective and efficient.

Route Planning Solutions

The goal of companies that offer cutting edge telematics is to create systems that make fleet and asset management more precise. This is especially beneficial in finding route planning solutions, where data collection and analysis provide a way to consider a large amount of information needed to create the best plans.

EnVue Telematics offers a variety of ways to improve planning and route optimization. They include the following.


Elite EXTRA approaches the creation of route planning solutions through a variety of ways, all of them using data-driven technology to develop optimized sequences in your route planning.

The system also allows for dispatching the sequences to a smartphone or tablet, as well as for tracking drivers and getting real-time route information.

Route sequence optimization is accomplished in minutes using Elite EXTRA, rather than hours. Sophisticated algorithms consider all the route information available. Changes to the routes are done as easily as clicking and dragging to reorganize the route.

Real-time GPS tracking, using a GPS chip installed in mobile devices, pings back to the dispatcher every three to five seconds, meaning dispatchers never are disconnected from what drivers are doing. This also allows for a more accurate estimated time of arrival for customers.


Descartes is a logistics technology platform that allows users to unify an entire network, leading to more efficient and effective fleet management. This infrastructure can be used by supply chain managers and their partners to streamline fleet management.

This comprehensive system includes flexible route planning and execution, as well monitoring of drivers. The system also ensures fleet and driver compliance and offers performance management recommendations to continuously improve operations.

But Descartes goes beyond fleet management. It also offers the ability to develop transportation plans, modify plans to overcome challenges, track inventory and shipments, manage carrier contracts and handle freight auditing. Essentially, Descartes offers a way to improve transportation from the moment an order is received until the customer accepts delivery.

OPSI Systems

OPSI Systems offer an alternative system for fleet management and route optimization. The system can optimize all aspects of fleet management and route planning. It’s particularly in use by small, medium and enterprise companies.

The OPSI System focuses on improving the entire supply chain. That includes enterprise planning, tariff and contract management, and scheduling and route optimization. Route planning solutions are available for companies ready to take a more data-driven approach to all aspects of fleet management. As competition in supply chain management grows, it’s no longer an optional consideration. It’s become a necessity.

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