Canada Delays ELD Penalties Until 2022

The Canadian government recently announced that it will delay the penalties for commercial vehicles that do not use an electronic logging device (ELD). However, that does not change the mandate from the government that all fleets must immediately begin to add ELD solutions to their vehicles.

The government decided to delay imposing fees and fines because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that does change the mandate.

A message from the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators ) CCMTA said rather than enforcing the mandate with penalties starting on June 12, 2021, as originally planned, the delay ensured that the industry has “adequate time for the purchase, installation and training required for compliance.”

John Gaither, Director of Sales at EnVue Telematics, said Canada is taking steps that mirror what happened in the United States.

“Similar to what the U.S. Department of Transportation did in 2017, the enforcement of these new regulations will begin with progressive enforcement without penalties until June 2022,” Gaither said. “EnVue is working closely with our technology partners to ensure we have compliant solutions available for our clients that operate in Canada or have cross border operations originating in the U.S.”

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Working Toward ELD Certification in Canada

Under the ELD mandate, all heavy-duty trucks and buses must come equipped with a certified ELD system and adhere to Hours of Service (HOS) guidelines from Transport Canada, the Canadian government agency that develops policies and regulations for road, rail, marine and air transportation services.

Unlike in the U.S. where fleets can self-certify their ELD, the Canadian mandate requires a third-party hired by the government to review and approve all ELD solutions.

No company has yet become certified, although that should change soon. EnVue Telematics’ partners are working to earn the certified designation from the Canadian government for ELD devices. For example, Geotab expects certification perhaps as soon as the end of June. More than 300,000 vehicles use Geotab ELD solutions in the U.S.

The delay has involved waiting for the third-party company to become certified to review and approve ELD systems, something that was recently attained.

Canadian Officials Will Still Enforce Law

While there will be no penalty for not having a certified ELD system, Canadian officials will still enforce the law, according to a statement from Omar Alghabra, the Minister of Transport in Canada.

“Early enforcement measures will consist of education and awareness,” he said. ““I’m confident this approach will ensure the safe and efficient operation of commercial carriers by providing flexibility to commercial operators, while also maintaining the safety benefits for Canadians.” ELD systems automatically log driving time in commercial vehicles, ensuring that drivers adhere to HOS regulations wherever they operate. ELD solutions also have many other benefits, including reducing driver fatigue and improving highway safety for all drivers.

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