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CSM software offers comprehensive fleet solutions

Need to digitize your outdated filing system? Craig Safety Technologies leads the way by providing an affordable, easy to use compliance software – Compliance Safety Manager (CSM). Two of the biggest tasks for fleet managers are developing a hiring process for new drivers and ensuring fleet compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. Compliance Safety Manager (CSM) addresses both issues – The Hiring Path® offers an automated speed to hire process that saves time and money, while the Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management module allows for full digitization of the DQ Files and Alerts for upcoming renewals. CSM is the number 1 DQ File Management Software available.

CSM Software Offers Comprehensive Fleet Solutions

  • Driver Qualification (DQ) Files
  • Digitization of ALL Records
  • Easy Onboarding of CDL Drivers (The Hiring Path®)
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Featuring Electronic Chain of Custody
  • DOT and Criminal Background Checks
  • Vehicle Asset Management
  • Scheduling and Tracking Employee Training
  • Employee and Accident Tracking/OSHA 300 Form Generation
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Benefits Of The Hiring Path®

The Hiring Path® system offered by Craig Safety Technologies streamlines employee onboarding. Fleets no longer have to deal with multiple third-party vendors to manage ordering, scanning and uploading driver-related documents and conducting background checks. The system provides the following.

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Electronic Application

A custom URL to link with an online application that employers can use for receiving employment applications. There are three application versions: Driver-CDL, Driver Non-CDL, and Regular Employee.

Pre-Employment Screening Program

FMCSA’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) check provides a driver’s five-year crash history and three-year inspection history.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Fleets can order driver MVR reports from all 50 states.

Criminal Background Check

Access to a felony and misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for an applicant within the last seven years.

DOT Employment Verification

DOT verifications validate past employment, on-the-job accidents, and previous drug and alcohol tests, keeping fleets compliant with FMCSA.

Drug Screening

Includes specimen collection, testing at SAMHSA certified laboratory, and review by a qualified Medical Review Officer. System uses electronic chain of custody for the most convenient way to test.

DOT Physical

Examinations provided by NRCME (National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners) certified individuals. Exams completed electronically for fast and accurate reporting.

Benefits of CSM's Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management System

The Driver Qualification (DQ) File Management system allows fleets to digitally manage driver records and stay compliant with regulations. The FMCSA is conducting more and more audits remotely. Having DQ Files already digitized is a must so fleet managers can quickly respond to any audit request.

CSM Manages all required DQ elements

  • Application For Employment
  • MVRs
  • DOT Medical Cards
  • Certificate of Road Test
  • Supervisor Review of Violations
  • Driver’s License
  • Drug Screens

CSM also allows storage of other employee-related information, including address, phone number, photograph, and emergency contacts.

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Drug Screening Services

Compliance Safety Manager’s comprehensive drug screening program features paperless drug screening and includes a vast collection site network, SAMHSA certified labs, and MRO services.

  • DOT & NDOT Drug Screening
  • FMCSA Consortium Pool
  • Standalone Random Pools
  • Electronic Chain of Custody
  • Test for Any Reason (Pre-Employment, Random, Post Accident, For Cause, Follow Up)
  • Breath Alcohol Testing

Why Choose Craig Safety Technologies?

Craig Safety Technologies has decades of experience working with advanced software systems that automate systems for fleets, making them more accurate and convenient to use. The company operates at the forefront of applying innovative technology to improve fleet management. They offer the most advanced suite for services to help fleets meet compliance needs even as those needs change over time.

Craig Safety Technologies is at the forefront of the movement to use technology to establish a culture of safety in the workplace. Through their advanced services, they can help fleets become safer, compliant and more efficient.

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