CVSA Roadcheck

Inspectors certified by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) found 17,479 vehicle violations during the annual CVSA International Roadcheck, about 19% of all vehicles inspected. Of those, inspectors removed 11,270 commercial motor vehicles from the road until the out-of-service (OOS) violations were corrected.

CVSA inspectors also restricted 5.5% of commercial vehicle drivers (3,256 drivers) after finding they had at least one out-of-service driver violation. Those drivers were restricted from commercial travel until their out-of-service violations were addressed. There were 5,280 driver out-of-service violations in total.

Many of the most common violations for vehicles, including issues with brakes, tires and lights, are issues that advanced telematics systems can help fleets detect and address before incurring violations during inspections. These include maintenance management platforms that help managers stay up-to-date on all potential issues with vehicles.

Over 94% of Commercial Vehicle Drivers Pass Inspection

The CVSA conducts the international roadcheck annually in Canada, Mexico and the United States. CVSA-certified inspectors check vehicles at weigh stations, inspection stations and with roving patrols. The 72-hour initiative is meant to provide high visibility to safety issues with a high volume of inspections.

One reassuring aspect of the 2023 CVSA International Roadcheck is that 94.5% of commercial motor vehicle drivers and 81% of vehicles examined emerged without a single out-of-service violation. These commendable statistics underscore the commitment to safety demonstrated by the majority of commercial drivers.

CVSA further recognized and celebrated the accomplishment with the issuance of CVSA decals, symbolizing adherence to critical vehicle inspection standards. A total of 20,151 of these decals were distributed, marking a collective triumph in ensuring safe and compliant vehicles on North American roads.

Common Issues Found During CVSA International Roadcheck 2023

The inspection process brought to light the top five vehicle out-of-service violations, with brake systems, tires, and defective service brakes leading the list. Cargo securement and lights followed, emphasizing areas that demand particular attention and improvement.

In a bid to further enhance road safety, this year’s International Roadcheck focused on anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and cargo securement. The concerted effort resulted in the identification of 2,975 cargo securement violations and 4,127 ABS violations, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance in these critical areas.

For drivers, the top violations involved Hours of Service violations, false logs, canceled or revoked license, and having no medical card. Telematics also address this issue, with systems designed to help fleets stay compliant with government regulations for drivers as well as vehicles.

For drivers, one standout accomplishment was the commendable seat belt usage, with just 1.6% of all drivers inspected found to be non-compliant. This resulted in a mere 949 safety belt violations issued during this year’s International Roadcheck.

In a regional comparison, drivers in Canada outperformed their American counterparts, with a slightly lower out-of-service rate for both vehicles and drivers. U.S. inspectors conducted 53,847 Level I, II, and III inspections, with vehicle and driver out-of-service rates standing at 19.3% and 5.8%, respectively.

In Canada, 4,247 similar inspections were conducted, resulting in a vehicle out-of-service rate of 20.5% and a driver out-of-service rate of 3.2%. There were no numbers immediately available for Mexico.

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