Diamond Hill Plywood Improves DOT Compliance

The partnership between Diamond Hill Plywood and EnVue Telematics has resulted in better use of ELD and GPS products for the South Carolina-based company’s 40-plus vehicles, as well as ease of DOT compliance.

The company reports not only satisfaction with how the systems have improved their fleet management, but also the support they received from EnVue Telematics experts in putting the system into place and training company personnel.

“Diamond Hill Plywood is a great company, and they provide a great example of what we hope to achieve for our partners,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “It’s a pleasure to work for a company that understands the benefits of connected systems and has a commitment to putting them to their best uses.”

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The Southeast’s Premier Building Materials Provider

Headquartered in Darlington, South Carolina, Diamond Hill Plywood has been in operation since 1945. The company is the premier supplier of building materials and construction products for the retail and industrial markets across the southeastern United States. In addition to its South Carolina operations, the company also has locations in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Bill Rivers, Fleet Safety and Compliance Manager at Diamond Hill Plywood, oversees the company’s fleet of delivery vehicles. His job also includes managing DOT compliance and implementation and use of GPS through EnVue Telematics.

He said the company had a different platform when he joined them about three years ago, but the platform did not meet the company’s needs and concerns, including the use of ELD products and support.

“Our primary goals were to find a solution that is easy to use, provides key data points, and is easy to deploy and receive product training and continual support for our evolving and growing business,” Rivers said. “When reviewing our options, EnVue Telematics provided the best possible solution with Geotab while supporting our corporate and drivers’ needs.”

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EnVue Delivers on Promises

Rivers said switching to a new system required re-engagement with new devices and data points. “It was clear that we would need to manage the change.” “We needed to ensure training and change management both internally and through our drivers.”

That included training drivers on the safety benefits and compliance benefits of the new system. While the change did not require a substantial update in the company’s fleet/driver policy, they did communicate to drivers the expectations with the new system and everything that would be measured. “Thus far, the results have completely met our needs at Diamond Hill Plywood. EnVue delivered on their promise to deploy and train the entire team and continually provide excellent support when there is anything that we need to keep our business up and running smoothly,” Rivers said. “Our goals have been met and we continue to find solutions that make our business safer and more effective. This in turn allows Diamond Hill Plywood to be always competitive and compliant.”

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