Driver Coaching ELD DVIR | How EnVue Supports Geotab Fleet Solutions

Geotab ranks among the best telemetric vendors worldwide, providing customers with connected vehicle technology that allows for automation of processes and data-driven decision-making. The innovative solutions offered by the company include systems for driver coaching, electronic logging devices (ELD) and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR).

All the Geotab fleet solutions help businesses run more effective and efficient fleet operations. The devices act as IoT hubs, processing billions of data points and giving fleet managers the chance to leverage that data to improve productivity, increase driver safety and ensure compliance with regulations.

Geotab works with fleets across a wide variety of industries, including utilities, food and beverage, construction and law enforcement. The insight gleaned from Geotab devices can help commercial fleets find ways to trim costs while also providing better service to their customers.

Three of the most popular Geotab products are ELD, DVIR and driver coaching.

Driver Coaching

Technology from Geotab integrates with a vehicle’s current system to promote good driver habits. Part of driver coaching involves automated tracking of issues such as vehicle speed, harsh breaking or taking corners too fast. Managers can set up the device to send a real-time alert to drivers when they engage in risky driving behavior.

Managers also can glean insight from large driving datasets to see which drivers may require more training. The data gathered by driver coaching devices also allows managers set up a friendly competition and reward drivers with the best safety track record.

Electronic Logging Device

Drivers use ELD to track Hours of Service (HOS) and ensure they comply with government regulations. The ELD alert system helps drivers drastically reduce violations, letting them know via an alert when they are approaching their limit on hours. This boosts both productivity and driver safety.

Other uses of ELD include monitoring fuel usage, integration with Transportation Management Systems platforms, engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance, and paperless forms and electronic signature capture. Businesses also can add solutions to monitor refrigerated truck temperature, tire pressure, and install an in-cab camera.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

Geotab helps companies improve fleet safety and compliance with ELD that provides inspection workflow for DVIR, the formal reports that drivers must do before and after each trip they make. The idea behind DVIR is to reduce the number of accidents caused by problem with a commercial vehicle. The system tracks who repaired an issue and when they did it, and can also notify a mechanic in real-time when a repair is needed.

Fleets face stiff penalties for not completing a DVIR accurately or on time. Items that must get checked for the report include brakes, air systems, lights and reflectors, tires, wheels, and rims, windshield wipers, rear view mirrors, the steering mechanism and all safety and emergency equipment. The DVIR makes all this much easier to manage. Geotab has a worldwide reputation for developing IoT devices and analytics systems that can save fleets time and money. For fleet managers looking for the best available innovative technology to help them do their job better, Geotab offers what they need.

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