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North America's largest weigh station bypass service

Drivewyze PreClear is North America’s largest weigh station bypass service, offering legal bypass opportunities at more than 900 sites across 47 states and provinces. The service is available directly through the Geotab Drive app, requires no additional hardware, software, or transponder to get started, and leverages your hard-earned carrier score to help your fleet stay on the main line.

Why Choose Drivewyze® PreClear?

Save Time & Money

Eliminating stopping or slowing down at scales saves your fleet fuel and maximizes on-duty driver time. Monthly Weigh Station Activity Reports let you see when and where your fleet is receiving bypasses, and what that means in terms of time and cost savings.

Keep your drivers out of scales and deliver loads faster.

Improve Safety

Drivewyze PreClear is hands-free and is in compliance with FMCSA distracted driving legislation. It also helps reduce accidental scale avoidance by notifying drivers of all inspection sites across North America.

Keep drivers safe by reducing lane changes, lineups on the highway, and merging.

Recruit & Retain

Drivers know the value a weigh station bypass solution provides them. A recent Drivewyze survey showed that drivers are 3X more likely to work for a company that provides weigh station bypass than those that don’t.

Keep your drivers happy by providing a service they value.

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Drivewyze PreClear leverages your hard-earned carrier safety score to provide legal weigh station bypass opportunities at over 900 sites across 47 states and provinces; that’s twice as many as any other bypass service. Bypassing weigh stations means your fleet can stay on the mainline, keeping your drivers happy, while saving drive time and fuel costs.

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