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Cloud-based dispatch software

Reduce driver costs, increase profits, and maximize operational efficiency with Elite EXTRA’s advanced dispatch software. Through one user-friendly dashboard you can manage driver routes, easily connect with your drivers, and get the full picture, real-time view you’ve always wanted! Elite EXTRA provides seamless, direct integration with any ERP, POS, or business system to give you full visibility on one cloud-based platform.

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Solutions are configured to your specific workflow.

Elite EXTRA is designed to constantly evolve with the new and unique challenges facing your operations to maximize efficiencies and make your business easier to manage than ever before! This ensures that Elite EXTRA is constantly on the cutting-edge of fleet management technology and continues to push the envelope on dispatch software features that are truly industry-changing.

Why choose ELITE EXTRA’S Advanced Dispatch Software?


Elite EXTRA’s route optimization engine will ensure that each and every route maximizes efficiencies, reduces costs, and keeps your customers satisfied. Optimize routes to be built according to customer time windows, traffic, capacity, customer preferences, and much more. Additionally, take all of the guess-work out of dispatching and use Elite EXTRA’s auto-route and auto-suggest features to have optimized routes built automatically.


Keep your customers’ informed with automatic email and text alerts. When the driver leaves for the route, email and text notifications will be sent to your customers with their order information and the driver’s ETA. Your customers can then follow along utilizing a tracking link as the driver arrives at their location.


Keep all relevant parties in the loop with Elite EXTRA’s real-time ETA alerts. These alerts give your dispatchers an accurate view of when the driver will arrive at the destination and gives your staff the ability to easily answer ETA questions.


Go paperless and contact-free! Elite EXTRA allows drivers to seamlessly capture signatures or pictures at the point of delivery or service that will be automatically attached to proof of delivery or service documents.


Elite EXTRA has partnered with some of the top ERP, POS, inventory, and eCommerce platforms in a number of industries to make integrating your order data into the system a breeze! Due to Elite EXTRA’s cloud-based software and dedicated team, the solution is capable of integrating with any platform your business relies on.

Experiencing Driver Shortages?

Introducing Elite EXTRA Delivery Network, a third party delivery platform that connects companies with crowdsourced and courier fleets to complete their deliveries. Gone are the days of driver shortages and struggling to meet customer delivery demands!

  • More Delivery Options
    Elite EXTRA Delivery Network gives you access to millions of delivery drivers across numerous integrated fleets (such as Lyft, Uber, and more!) to complete your deliveries.
  • Flexible Delivery
    Easily compare delivery costs and times of available fleets at the point of dispatch, so you can ensure you’re choosing the fleet that works best for your business.
  • Happier Customers
    Impress your customers with fast delivery—even when your internal fleet is busy or otherwise not available!
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Delivery Network integrates seamlessly into Elite EXTRA Routing & Dispatch so you can dispatch orders and routes to either your internal fleet or third party fleets with ease!

Want to use Delivery Network without Routing & Dispatch? Not a problem! Elite EXTRA Delivery Network can be used as a standalone product to simplify and streamline your delivery operations.

Let’s Streamline Your Logistics Operations Together, Shall We?

With a fully customizable platform, comprehensive training, and 24/7 support, we work with you to face your operational challenges head on—now and into the future. That’s the Elite EXTRA difference!
Check out this video to meet the team you’ll be working with!

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EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra: A Strategic Partnership

EnVue Telematics is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Elite Extra, a leader in advanced dispatch management and logistics solutions. This collaboration integrates EnVue’s cutting-edge telematics technology with Elite Extra’s innovative dispatch and delivery management systems, creating a comprehensive platform designed to enhance fleet operations, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

About Elite Extra

Elite Extra specializes in providing advanced dispatch management solutions that streamline logistics and improve delivery efficiency. Their platform offers features such as real-time tracking, optimized route planning, automated dispatch, and robust analytics, enabling businesses to enhance their delivery operations and provide exceptional customer service.

Key Benefits of the EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra Partnership

1. Comprehensive Dispatch Management: Combining EnVue Telematics’ real-time tracking and data analytics with Elite Extra’s dispatch management capabilities creates a powerful tool for managing fleet operations. This integration ensures that dispatch processes are optimized, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing delivery times.

2. Real-Time Tracking and Visibility: Elite Extra’s platform provides real-time visibility into fleet operations, allowing managers to track vehicles and deliveries in real-time. This visibility, combined with EnVue’s telematics data, ensures that fleet managers can monitor the status of deliveries, optimize routes, and quickly address any issues that arise.

3. Optimized Route Planning: Elite Extra’s advanced route planning algorithms, integrated with EnVue Telematics’ GPS data, optimize delivery routes to minimize travel time and fuel consumption. Efficient route planning ensures timely deliveries, reduces operational costs, and enhances overall fleet productivity.

4. Enhanced Customer Service: The partnership enhances customer service by providing accurate ETAs and real-time updates on delivery status. Elite Extra’s platform enables businesses to keep customers informed, ensuring transparency and building trust. Improved customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and positive referrals.

5. Automated Dispatch and Scheduling: Elite Extra’s automated dispatch features streamline the assignment of delivery tasks, reducing manual workload and minimizing human error. Integration with EnVue’s telematics ensures that dispatch decisions are based on real-time data, optimizing resource allocation and improving efficiency.

6. Robust Analytics and Reporting: The combined solution offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights into fleet performance, driver behavior, and delivery efficiency. Fleet managers can use this data to identify trends, optimize operations, and make informed decisions that enhance productivity and profitability.

7. Improved Driver Performance: Telematics data on driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling, is used to develop targeted training programs. Elite Extra’s platform provides feedback and incentives for safe driving practices, promoting a culture of safety and improving overall driver performance.

8. Proactive Maintenance Management: EnVue Telematics’ real-time vehicle diagnostics and maintenance alerts help prevent breakdowns and reduce downtime. Proactive maintenance, combined with Elite Extra’s scheduling tools, ensures that vehicles are always in optimal condition, supporting uninterrupted operations.

9. Cost Savings and Efficiency: By optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and improving operational efficiency, the partnership between EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra helps businesses achieve significant cost savings. Efficient fleet management reduces operational costs and enhances profitability, providing a competitive edge in the market.

Leveraging the Partnership for Optimal Fleet Management

The EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra partnership offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges of fleet management. By combining real-time data, advanced analytics, and robust dispatch management tools, the partnership enables fleets to operate more efficiently, safely, and profitably.

Future Trends and Innovations

The future of fleet management lies in the integration of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT. The partnership between EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra will continue to evolve, incorporating these technologies to enhance predictive analytics, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The partnership between EnVue Telematics and Elite Extra represents a significant advancement in fleet management solutions. By combining expertise in telematics and dispatch management, we provide a comprehensive platform that enhances fleet efficiency, safety, and customer service. Contact EnVue Telematics today to discover how our partnership with Elite Extra can help your fleet achieve peak performance and operational excellence.