How telematics can help you prevent cargo theft

Cargo theft has long been a potential risk but, for many fleet owners, it is a growing threat. Are you starting to feel this pinch, either directly or otherwise? This is why many businesses are exploring the potential of cargo theft telematics technology as a robust solution.

In this article, you will learn how advanced telematics solutions can ensure your fleet stays secure. Learn about the key features this technology provides and how to leverage them for your benefit. So, get ready to safeguard your fleet and transform your security strategy.

Understanding the Need for Cargo Theft Telematics

The simple truth of cargo theft is that it can disrupt your operations and impact delivery schedules. Stolen cargo means lost revenue, higher premiums, and a reduction in clients due to a loss of trust. This can often be devastating, impacting your bottom line and your reputation.

The threat of cargo theft is an ever-present danger, though, and any attempt to fight back is part of a larger arms race with organized criminal groups. Such events can happen in varied locations, and constant vigilance is necessary, but with help, you can start to fight back.

Common Types of Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is a complex and interwoven group of actions, not a simple case of stealing items off of the vehicle. It can include:

  • Hijacking of the whole vehicle
  • Breaking into a vehicle to steal whatever a person can carry
  • Posing as legitimate drivers to take over the vehicle’s journey
  • Blackmailing drivers to gain access to a vehicle

Warehouse theft at storage facilities or job sites

Each of these has its difficulties in terms of prevention. So, you need all the help you can get.

How Telematics Technology Helps Prevent Theft

Telematics is more than a basic marketing term. It can also be your greatest weapon against your cargo disappearing. Its benefits are varied and can include:

Realtime tracking. Using GPS technology to understand specifically where your cargo is at all times.

Automated alerts. Receiving instant notifications when cargo deviates from locations you would expect it to be.

Geofencing. Setting up virtual boundaries that define where your cargo should be, whether that be roads, warehouses, or other locations.

Driver behavior monitoring. Through various feedback methods, you can monitor driver behavior in real time. This can include:

  • Route adherence monitoring
  • Incident and accident tracking
  • Onboard sensors to track vehicle movement patterns
  • Accelerometers and gyroscopes

These detect and record sudden changes in velocity, indicating risky driving behavior or even crashes. An alert can then trigger if the driver or vehicle acts in a way that may suggest potential theft.

Data analytics. By analyzing the above automatically, a system can track how every part of the complex system works together. It can work out when thefts are likely to occur, and then help you understand how to avoid them.

With all the above in place, you vastly increase the chance of preventing the theft of goods or recovering stolen assets. These measures not only ensure you avoid disaster but can also create a better environment for your drivers and customers. They can trust that you have their back, even when a problem occurs.

Implementing Cargo Security Solutions

If you plan to use these systems, you need to consider the steps you need to take to get the most out of them moving forward. This will lead to more control over the final result and less stress for everyone who uses them.

First, find a system that allows you to customize a solution to fit your existing process. This will mean you do not need to overhaul your operation to make the most of the technology. It will also mean you can overlap or combine any new telematics solutions with your existing security to build up a unified approach.

Ensure you also offer training and support for the technology you put in place. This way you can have the assurance staff understand how to handle any issues it might present without compromising security. As you scale up, this will be imperative in ensuring you can handle the number of solutions you implement and get the best ROI out of such solutions.

Developing Customized Cargo Theft Telematics Solutions Step-By-Step

When combining fleet management technology with your systems, first you will need to audit your current setup.

After finding any gaps, work with a professional solutions provider to design a system to address your specific needs. This will ensure you can integrate any new processes smoothly into your existing operation.

Once things are in place, run trials to ensure everything works before you deploy it out to the full fleet.

Over time, ensure you continue to watch your fleet’s tracking methods to improve and adapt based on the data you collect.

With practice, you can develop a unified method of handling all your issues, rather than relying on several platforms to watch your fleet. This will streamline your process, reducing any overhead and boosting your company’s efficiency.

Best Practices for Security Telematics

Remember to ensure you follow these proven methods to get the most out of your telematics investment and keep your cargo safe.

First, you should make sure to regularly update the software and hardware in your fleet. This will allow you to benefit from their latest features and give you the highest-quality data possible.

At the same time, do not wait for alerts to appear in your system. Make sure that you check your system and continue to check in with your drivers manually. Telematics systems are not a complete replacement for the human element, and it is sensible to still get feedback from your crew.

Similarly, always look for ways to enhance your security further. Telematics is one part of the journey, not the destination. You want to always iterate toward better security at all times.

Getting Started With a Telematics Partner

Protecting your fleet from the dangers of theft is one of the most important steps you need to ensure operational efficiency. Not to mention, it offers peace of mind.

EnVue Telematics provides cutting-edge cargo theft telematics solutions that match your specific needs. With real time tracking, automated alerts, and many other features, you can always stay one step ahead of potential dangers. So, contact EnVue Telematics today to book a demo and learn how our solutions can protect everything that matters.

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