EnVue and LifeSaver Partner to Offer Better Distracted Driver Solutions

EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing advanced telematics products and after-sale consulting services, recently announced a new partnership with LifeSaver Mobile that will allow them to provide clients the latest in innovative fleet safety technology.

Lifesaver Mobile offers fleet managers the ability to use an app that prevents employees from using a phone while driving. The app-only system automatically blocks cell phones behind the wheel, without the need for any additional hardware such as beacons, OBD2 dongles or custom windshield hardware. The LifeSaver system’s lack of hardware is noteworthy given the challenge in procuring any hardware components during the global chip shortage.

The LifeSaver Mobile app works with Apple or Android smartphones.

“We’re happy to offer our product through EnVue Telematics. Distracted driving is one of the biggest safety issues any fleet manager must address, and our goal is to provide them with a system that is both convenient to use and highly effective,” said Ted Chen, Co-Founder of LifeSaver Mobile. “Our system gives companies the chance to stop distracted driving before it starts, a proactive approach that works.”

The system gives fleet managers complete control over implementation of company cell use policy. Managers can set the parameters for what times of day the system is in place, or can use an around the clock setting. They also use the browser-based portal to deploy and configure the app, as well as manage compliance reporting on individual fleet drivers.

The LifeSaver Mobile is compatible with the MyGeotab Dashboard. Users can simply add the LifeSaver Mobile add-in to the dashboard and manage it through the MyGeotab system.

“LifeSaver Mobile has analyzed the distracted driver situation and developed a solution that will keep drivers safer and more productive,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “Their system keeps drivers’ eyes where they should be – on the road.”

How LifeSaver Mobile Works

Managers install the app on the phone of every fleet driver through the online portal. Once installed, the app does the work. Managers get alerts when drivers behave in ways that violate policy, such as not using hands-free interaction with their phone.

LifeSaver runs in the phone’s background, automatically detects driving around the clock or within defined days and times of operation that managers set. The system can be configured to send emails to drivers who engaged in behavior that violated policy the next day. The Health App Check also detects if there is an issue with the system on a driver’s phone, working directly with the driver to solve the issue.  LifeSaver Mobile offers a low-effort, effective way for managers to ensure drivers adhere to company policy, stopping distracted driving at the source.

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