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EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing telematics solutions for commercial fleets, has partnered with Netradyne to provide clients with the most advanced fleet safety camera solution available. Netradyne uses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing to reduce accidents and create a high standard for safe driving.

EnVue Telematics will offer Netradyne’s Driveri®, a video safety system designed to reward safe driving and coach in areas where drivers need improvement. The system includes an in-cab camera, a manager portal and a driver app.

Video: How Driveri® Works

“The Driveri safety camera is the perfect complement to EnVue’s Telematics’ solutions and services, aligning with their commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable value.,” said Adam Kahn, President, Commercial Fleets. Because Driveri provides the most robust set of driver safety metrics in the industry, a data-driven company like EnVue will be able to further improve ROI for their fleet customers by adding this solution to their roster.”

Avoiding Risky Situations

The Driveri system consists of three technologically advanced tools that help drivers improve their performance while giving managers a more convenient way to monitor their entire fleet.

GreenZone Score by Netradyne Screens

The in-cab camera features advanced AI object detection and edge computing to capture and analyze data in real-time. This allows the system to alert drivers to avoid risky situations, helping to prevent accidents. The camera “sees” 100% of drive time, which allows managers to understand the complete picture of what happened on the road.

The Driveri driver app tracks a driver’s GreenZone score, a way of measuring their safe driving habits. That score is compared to the fleet average, so drivers know where they stand, encouraging healthy competition between drivers. They also receive automatic recognition for when they practice safe driving skills and warnings when they engage in risky behavior (such as speeding, becoming distracted or taking corners too fast).  Weekly Virtual Coach sessions are sent directly to drivers, empowering them to self-coach, and saving managers time.

The manager portal enables managers to monitor every driver in the fleet at any time, giving them a complete picture of the safety scores for the fleet. They also can access all alerts, straightforward reports, and video on demand in real-time.

Two Driveri models are available: The D-210, for small-to medium-sized commercial vehicles, has two high-definition cameras, both inward- and road-facing. The D-410 includes four high-definition cameras providing a 270-degree picture: road-facing, driver-facing, and two side window views. Both models record and analyze thousands of data points, and include the portal, the app, and customer service.

A More Complete System for Drivers

The Driveri GreenZone® driver score provides a more complete way to evaluate a driver’s performance. The scoring system does not just factor in risky events, but rather gives drivers credit for safe and proactive driving.

The system is designed not to punish drivers, but to help them improve. For example, Netradyne reports the following results using different features within the system.

  • A 60% reduction in distracted driving (such as using a cellphone) in just two weeks
  • A 76% improvement in maintaining a safe following distance using in-cab alerts
  • A 90% improvement in complying with intersection signage

The system also detects causality, and doesn’t penalize drivers for taking what is normally considered a risky action because of a situation caused by someone else (a hard brake when someone cuts them off, for example). Unlike other systems, Driveri captures 100% of drive time, giving managers a more complete picture of events.

Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics, said the company is “excited to partner with Netradyne.” “We always search for best-in-class products to enhance driver safety and help fleets better manage risk, and Netradyne certainly fulfills that role,” he said. “We share their commitment to making roads safer by offering fleets advanced technology that improves driver coaching, provides managers with a convenient way to track fleet performance and overall leads to safer roads for everyone.”

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