EnVue Partners With Vnomics to Help Clients Maximize Fuel Efficiency

EnVue Telematics, a leader in advanced telematics products and after-sale consulting services, has partnered with Vnomics®, a company that specializes in helping fleet managers optimize operations by lowering fuel costs. 

Vnomics provides True Fuel®, a patented and proven fuel saving technology that combines real-time audible driver coaching with unique fuel efficiency insights, empowering fleets to reduce fuel consumption by improving driver fuel efficiency. Vnomics reports that, with True Fuel, clients reduce their annual fuel consumption between 3% and 10% on average.

“We’re excited to offer True Fuel to our clients,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management. “It’s the perfect addition to fleets that want to further optimize operations by improving fuel performance. It also can help managers better match the right vehicle to the right route.”

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Tracking Wasted Fuel, Coaching Drivers

True Fuel provides real-time, in-cab coaching for drivers. In a significant difference from other coaching systems, True Fuel® uses audible feedback so drivers can keep their eyes on the road while learning what behaviors they can change to improve fuel efficiency.

Wasted Fuel

That’s a safer coaching solution for fleets. True Fuel also is the only system available that offers precise measurements of how much fuel is wasted due to each inefficient driving habit. That allows drivers and managers to focus on the specific changes that drivers need to make.

True Fuel also doesn’t base driver fuel performance assessment on MPG. That’s because many variables outside of the driver’s control impact MPG. Instead, Vnomics created the Potential MPG® – The MPG the driver could have achieved with fuel efficient operation (aka no fuel wasted to driver behavior). True Fuel’s software then compares the driver’s Potential MPG to their actual MPG, and calculates the driver’s fuel efficiency – A more accurate driver fuel performance metric.

Using this fair and transparent way to assess driver performance, True Fuel empowers fleet managers create incentive programs for drivers that are truly based on their fuel performance.

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Data-Driven, Actionable Insights for Managers

Data Insights

True Fuel also empowers fleet managers to make uniquely informed business decisions based on patented fuel efficiency insights.

For example, with True Fuel fleets can:

  • Evaluate truck configurations looking for opportunities to lower operating costs:
    • Identify and dispatch trucks that are most efficient on customer-specific routes
    • Identify the least efficient trucks for retirement or replacement
    • Properly spec new trucks for the highest efficiency
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis on fleet policies (ex: Speeding, Idling, Sleeper cabs versus hotel costs, etc.)
  • Analyze and make buying decisions on new fleet technologies
  • Analyze the fuel costs of delivery for customer pricing

Increase driver retention by incentivizing drivers based on their fuel efficiency With True Fuel, fleets are uniquely positioned to start saving fuel immediately after deployment, and continue to realize tangible and significant value from the actionable fuel efficiency insights.

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