EnVue Telematics Becomes Member of Trucking Association of New York

EnVue Telematics, a consultative resource that helps fleets use advanced technology to boost productivity, reduce risk and lower cost per mile, has become a member of the Trucking Association of New York (TANY), an organization dedicated to unifying and amplifying the voices of truckers in the state.

Since 1932, TANY has advocated on behalf of the trucking industry both in New York and in Washington D.C. The non-profit organization serves as a repository of knowledge, discourse, communication and industry progress.

Members of TANY create partnerships with educational and training institutions to “solidify the stability of the industry by promoting transportation careers through workforce development programs and initiatives.” There are currently nearly 600 member companies.

“We are excited to welcome EnVue Telematics as a TANY member. The expertise on advanced technology that they bring to the industry will provide a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to fleets across the state,”said Jon Sherman, Director of Membership Relations at TANY. “They work on the cutting edge of the industry where advanced telematics make the trucking industry safer and more efficient.”

Randy Read, Co-founder of EnVue Telematics, said the company is proud to join the ranks of TANY members and is looking forward to becoming a very engaged partner.

“TANY is a highly active association, driven by their dedication to making fleet drivers the best they can be behind-the-wheel. They also promote better fleet risk management and the use of technology to improve performance,” said Read. “We share those ideals and believe we can provide a great deal of support and guidance in these vital areas.”

Through its membership program, TANY connects fleets in New York with resources that can assist with safety regulation, tax compliance, registration, permit issues and much more. One of the main priorities of TANY is workforce development as well as lobbying on behalf of legislation that benefits the trucking industry.

EnVue Telematics offers technology that reduces operating costs and enhances productivity. The company also goes beyond that, collaborating with clients before and after their purchase to ensure they get the most return for their telematics investment. EnVue Telematics’ clients report many benefits, including a reduction in annual reportable accidents and accidents per million miles, as well as lower fuel and maintenance costs.

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