EnVue Named Geotab Innovation Award Winner at Connect 2023

At the recent 2023 Geotab Connect convention, Texas-based EnVue Telematics won the Small Business Partner of the Year award. It provided another milestone in the 10-year relationship between Geotab and EnVue Telematics.

Held every year, the Geotab Connect event brings together the best companies across the country who work with advanced technology that support more efficient operations, better risk management, cost savings and driver safety.

Geotab held the event this year in Orlando, marking the first Geotab Connect since January 2020. Deloitte and Google Cloud sponsored the event, which attracted 1,700 attendees and more than 70 marketplace exhibitors.

“It was great to have Geotab Connect back for 2023, it’s the best place to learn about new tech tools and strategies and how to put them to work for fleets. We also had the opportunity to meet and share insights with people across the industry,” said Randy Read, Co-Founder of EnVue Telematics. “Everyone at EnVue Telematics was very excited to earn the Small Business Partner of the Year Award. I am very proud to see our team recognized for the hard work they do every day to help clients solve their business challenges.”

Read added, “None of our success is possible without the support of our partners at Geotab.”

Read said he is excited to see what the ongoing partnership with Geotab will lead to as new technology and data intelligence leads to even more robust products and services for clients.

Geotab Provides Industry-Leading Technology

Geotab provides telematics solutions to more than 40,000 customers in 150 countries, connecting more than 3.2 million vehicles and processing more than 55 billion data points every day. Vehicle and asset tracking technology supports fleets in improving operational efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, improving maintenance, reducing the number of crashes and collisions, and increasing driver safety.

EnVue Telematics has partnered with Geotab for more than a decade. EnVue offers clients the latest technology from Geotab. Experts at EnVue also work with clients so they choose the right system for their specific fleet, as well as offer guidance on installation and how to get the maximum benefit from advanced fleet technology.

The Geotab Connect 2023 Convention

At Geotab Connect 2023, attendees had the chance to hear speakers from across the industry, as well as meet and have in-person discussions with industry experts. They were able to share their insights on the latest tech tools and fleet risk management strategies that have proven effective.

This year’s event had a data-centric theme. Geotab announced a new electric vehicle (EV) range analysis that uses data to determine the impact of speed and temperature on EV range. The company also announced the release of a new intelligence tool called Data Connector that makes it easier to access, analyze and report on data insights.

Neil Cawse, Founder and CEO gave the main keynote speech at the opening of the event. He highlighted how the business world has hit critical mass with data, and that Geotab is helping benchmark against the best fleets in the world to support fleet safety, sustainability and operational goals.

“In business today, so much of what we do is measured to ensure we operate better, faster and leaner,” Cawse said. “Telematics is crucial in this regard since you cannot manage what isn’t measured.”


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