EnVue Telematics Offers Last-Mile Solutions at Home Delivery World 2021

LONGVIEW, TEXAS (Aug. 30, 2021) –  EnVue Telematics, a consultative resource that helps fleets use advanced technology to boost productivity, reduce risk and lower CPM, is excited to announce that the company will exhibit and make a presentation at Home Delivery World 2021.

The annual event focuses on solutions to retail logistic challenges, including warehousing, fulfillment and last-mile delivery.

EnVue Telematics Co-founder Randy Read and EnVue Telematics Director of Client Engagement and Account Management Dan Shive will attend the event. In addition to exhibiting, they will make a presentation on how advanced telematics systems can improve last-delivery, increase productivity, reduce risk exposure, lower CPM, and enhance driver coaching.

“It’s an honor to have the opportunity to exhibit and present at Home Delivery World 2021, which is considered the biggest event in North America that focuses on retail logistics,” said Read. “It’s also great to be back in-person for this event. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, making new ones and talking about how we can help fleets better manage last-mile delivery challenges.”

Read and Shive plan to speak about the six main areas where fleets that focus on last-mile delivery benefit from advanced software systems: productivity, safety, optimization, sustainability, compliance, and expandability.

Those benefits help fleets in a fiercely competitive retail logistics environment. They include ensuring compliance with FDA, DOT and FMCSA regulations, reducing the risk of crashes and vehicle breakdowns, identifying ways to better manage fuel costs, and the ability to make changes during last-mile delivery based on real-time, accurate data. This includes rerouting, adding and deleting stops, and providing clients more accurate departure and arrival times.

Safety is also a top concern. Fleets can better coach drivers, monitor for aggressive driving behaviors and reduce the costs of vehicle and workers compensation insurance.

“We will emphasize how EnVue Telematics specializes in working with clients to select the right solutions for their last-mile delivery challenges, guiding them during the installation process and consulting with them afterward to make sure they realize every advantage these systems offer,” said Shive. Featured speakers at the Home Delivery World 2021 event include representatives from Bed, Bath & Beyond, UPS, Walmart E-commerce, SEKO Logistics, CVS Health, IKEA, Target, Kroger, and The Home Depot. Home Delivery World 2021 is scheduled for Sept. 1-2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

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