EnVue Telematics Partners With Driver Safety Leader Driving Dynamics

EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing innovative technology-driven solutions to commercial fleets, now will offer products from Driving Dynamics, a premiere provider of proven driver safety training and risk management courses for fleets. Driving Dynamics bases all its courses on extensive research, proven methodologies and expert instruction.

Driving Dynamics helped pioneer the driver safety field. Over more than 30 years, the company has developed cutting-edge, successful driver training programs on a wide range of topics and delivered through online courses, virtual classes and in-person training.

The company distinguishes itself by creating programs that not only address driver safety, but also how driver behavior impacts performance. They serve fleets of all sizes in a wide variety of industries across North America.

“This is a great company, and we are thrilled to offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from the many methods they offer for making fleet drivers better at their jobs,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “Driving Dynamics has the expertise in fleet risk management and driver training that you can only develop from years of focusing on these issues. Their products simply make fleets better.”

A Variety of Driver Safety Products

One of the ways Driving Dynamics differs from other companies is the sheer variety of courses they offer. They include the five following products now available to EnVue Telematics customers.

DriveReady. DriveReady teaches drivers core competencies in advanced crash avoidance and superior vehicle control. The curriculum is built around Driving Dynamics’ proprietary One Second Advantage – Looking, Steering, Braking principles. The principles are based on research showing drivers can avoid 90 percent of crashes if they have just one extra second and the training to know what to do with it.

TrailerReady. This program focuses on drivers who haul trailers or operate vehicles weighing more than 10,001 pounds. Drivers develop expertise in handling articulated rigs in a variety of situations, from the open road to close quarters. The training applies to many vehicle-trailer combinations, including enclosed cargo trailers, open utility trailers, specialty trailers and more.

DriveInsight. This program focuses on both driving skills and driver behavior. Drivers undergo pre-course tests that help instructors determine the areas where drivers need the most training. They also work with them to correct any behaviors that negatively impact driving.

DrivActiv. The DrivActiv program gives fleets access to an online library of training videos that cover lesson topics ranging from distracted driving to over-burdened infrastructure and disregard for the rules of the road. Driving Dynamics picks topics to cover based on research into more than 200,000 accidents involving fleet vehicles.

FirstGear. This course focuses on training new drivers in understanding the rules and regulations for commercial vehicles as well as skills needed to operate safely. Topics include the Federal Motor Carrier Rules and Regulations, Vehicle Inspection Processes, Handling Cargo, HAZMAT Rules of the Road and learning skills that eliminate risky driving behaviors.

Delivery Options for Fleets

In addition to the wide variety of courses, Driving Dynamics also offers multiple delivery methods so fleets can pick the programs that will work best with their drivers. These include online courses, virtual and in-person instruction, and instructor-led behind-the-wheel training.

The focus of everything Driving Dynamics offers comes down to creating two outcomes for fleets: lower fleet crash rates and improvement of drivers’ ability to stay safe. “Our commitment is to provide the most effective, relevant driver safety and risk management solutions to both fleet professionals and drivers of all types of vehicles,” said Arthur Liggio, President & CEO. “We’re passionate about providing services that elevate the capabilities of all drivers, making roads safer for everyone. We’re excited to provide our products through EnVue Telematics. We think it will be a rewarding partnership for both companies and our clients.”

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