EnVue Partners With Instructional Technologies Inc | Online Driver Training

EnVue Telematics, a leader in advanced telematics products and after-sale consulting services, has partnered with Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), a company that provides high-quality, customizable online driver training to more than 400 fleets around the world. The online training for truck fleets offered by ITI helps companies better manage risk by reducing the number of accidents involving trucks in their fleet.

ITI delivers its training through Sentix, an online Learning Management System built specifically for the transportation industry. It offers fleet managers the ability to mix training content from ITI with their own content, creating custom training specifically for their drivers.

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Dr. Jim Voorhees, an Army helicopter pilot in Vietnam who later worked in training and simulators with NASA, founded ITI with the belief that quality training is of life-altering importance. The company develops all the products and services it offers with that commitment to training in mind.

“Fleet safety is a top priority at EnVue, and we’re proud to partner with a company that does so much to promote better driver performance and road safety,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management. “Instructional Technologies is recognized as a global leader in providing driver training. Their training products can help our clients better manage risk and improve safety for their drivers and everyone on our nation’s highways.”

Online Training for Truck Fleets

ITI provides online truck fleet training to more than 400 transportation and logistics companies worldwide. Part of the ITI approach involves requiring drivers to master each subject before moving on to the next. 

In addition to creating an LMS dedicated to the transportation industry, ITI also has more than 250 online training courses containing 60-plus hours of training. These videos are part of the company’s PRO-TREAD library of interactive, video-based training content for medium and heavy duty vehicles.

One of the most popular course programs is PRO-DEFENSE, an eight-part series that teaches drivers how to react in the split seconds before an accident happens. It also offers training to avoid these situations in the first place by eliminating distractions, managing fatigue, navigating hazards, managing speeds and planning their route for maximum safety.

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In addition to providing the LMS, training videos and the ability for fleets to customize what they offer, ITI also provides customer service that ensures fleet managers get the most out of training programs.

Helping Fleets Manage Risk

Accidents are one of the costliest events for fleets, both in terms of injuries to drivers and money spent. The average cost of a crash involving a motor vehicle is $91,000, while an accident with injuries costs an average of $200,000.

ITI training recognizes that improving driver habits significantly reduces the chance of an accident. The company focuses on providing up-to-date training that teaches drivers best practices for situations they typically face.

Some of the areas that training focuses on include:

  • Driving the appropriate speed for various road conditions
  • Performing proper vehicle inspections
  • Eliminating all distractions from the cab
  • Avoiding situations that lead to skids
  • Better awareness of the space occupied
  • Awareness of the potential hazards on all six sides of a truck – front, back, both sides, below and above

ITI systems also allow fleets to track the impact of training, giving them the ability to generate reports for insurance purposes or to make reports to executives within the company.  EnVue Telematics clients now have access to these ITI training courses and systems that will improve fleet operations, better manage risk and make roads safer for all drivers.

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