EnVue Telematics Partners with MAGTEC

EnVue Telematics, a leader in telematics solutions and consultancy, has formed a partnership with MAGTEC Products, a leader in safety and security technology for ground transportation vehicles of all types. The partnership gives EnVue Telematics the chance to offer clients cutting-edge technology designed to give companies more control over its fleet.

MAGTEC provides security and safety solutions for ground transportation vehicles, including commercial fleets, public transit vehicles, school buses, motor coaches, and delivery fleets. All the company’s products focus on mitigating risk associated with high speeds, vehicle control, and theft. Products include vehicle access control, remote vehicle shut down and speed limiting devices.

MAGTEC Products’ mission is to deliver proactive solutions that make travel safer and more secure for everyone on all roadways.

“MAGTEC is a great company and we’re excited about this new partnership,” said Randy Read, Co-founder of EnVue Telematics. “A big part of our business model involves using technology solutions to help clients better manage risk. MAGTEC has proven systems that accomplish that goal, giving managers better control over fleet operations.”

Robert Morisset, President and CEO of MAGTEC, said the partnership will allow MAGTEC products to reach an ever bigger audience. “Our goal is to make fleets more proactive in how they approach safety and security issues, rather than depending on costly, reactive solutions. By partnering with EnVue Telematics, we can reach more fleet managers and tell them about technology that allows them to stay ahead of incidents before they occur,” he said.

MAGTEC Products Offers Many Benefits

MAGTEC Products offers technology in three key areas.

  • Access control. Technology from MAGTEC protects vehicles from unauthorized use or theft by preventing them from starting unless an authorized driver authenticates, even when the vehicle is left unattended and idling.
  • Intelligent speed limiting. The SafeSpeed system restricts vehicle speed dynamically based on a company’s maximum top speed policy, posted speed limits, speed thresholds and custom speed zones, helping reduce the risk of speed-related crashes and other serious events.
  • Remote vehicle disabling. Allows fleet managers to safely take preventable action in real time by remotely disabling either a stationary or a moving vehicle in the event of non-compliance, hijacking, driver impairment or erratic driving.

Taken together, these products from MAGTEC give companies more control over their vehicles. They help reduce the chance of crashes, give drivers more time to react to dangerous situations, and lower both fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

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