EnVue Telematics & Nauto to Provide Fleets Advanced AI Safety Software

EnVue Telematics, a leader in providing clients connected systems that improve operations, recently announced a partnership with global safety leader Nauto. Nauto uses AI-powered software to reduce the number of high-risk driving events. Predictive AI technology synthesizes driver behavior, vehicle movement and contextual data to predict collisions before they occur and provide real-time distraction alerts to drivers.

Nauto has become known as a global leader in leveraging sophisticated AI to improve driver safety and prevent collisions. Nauto systems analyze billions of data points from more than one billion video miles, using machine learning algorithms to continuously improve and impact driver behavior before events happen.

The company’s predictive vehicle safety technology has helped commercial fleets around the globe avoid more than 70,000 collisions, resulting in almost $300 million in savings.

“We’re excited for the chance to expand our reach through EnVue Telematics’ many clients,” said Vincent Rerolle, Chief Commercial Officer at Nauto. “We offer the only real-time, AI-enabled driver and fleet safety platform that helps predict, prevent and reduce high risk events. The more fleets we can introduce to our products, the better we can accomplish our goal of making roads safer for both commercial fleets and individual drivers.”

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Features of Nauto’s AI-Powered Systems

Nauto helps commercial vehicles avoid collisions with a system that predicts collisions and alerts drivers before they happen. It also gives managers the ability to analyze driver behavior and other data to help improve fleet safety and individual driver performance.

Driver Behavior Alerts. Nauto’s predictive AI technology synthesizes driver behavior, vehicle movement and contextual data in real-time. This allows them to predict collisions and alert drivers as they approach high-risk situations. Nauto has found that alerts improve behavior by 80% in 2 out of 3 drivers without the need for management intervention. Behaviors and events the system alerts drivers about include:

  • Distracted driving and drowsiness
  • Tailgating
  • Forward collisions
  • Pedestrian collisions
  • Intersection violations
  • Harsh maneuvers including hard acceleration, braking, and cornering
  • Speeding
  • Policy violations including smoking and cell phone use

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Predictive for Vehicle Safety. Nauto’s system uses AI technology to assess an event’s level of severity using the severity of a single risk fused with a combination of risks to determine and trigger appropriate alerts and video capture. These predictive systems encourage safe driving and help reduce costly claims.

Robust API. The Nauto system provides an open-source API. It allows integrators, resellers, and partners to access real-time data events through a best-in-class API integration. It also allows managers to build out real-time reporting on fleet activity.

Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics, said Nauto’s commitment to collision avoidance and accident avoidance make it a perfect partner for EnVue.

“Nauto’s use of advanced, AI-driven technology provides commercial fleets with another way to improve the safety of their drivers and reduce the risk of costly damage to vehicles,” said Shive. “We’re proud to partner with a company that is setting the global standard for using technology to reduce collisions and keep commercial fleets safer.”

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