EnVue Partners with ORIGOSafeDriver

EnVue Telematics, a leader in telematics solutions and consultancy, recently announced a partnership with ORIGOSafeDriver, a leading provider of driver safety solutions. The partnershipgives EnVue Telematics the chance to offer clients industry-leading cell phone safety technology developed by ORIGOSafeDriver.

ORIGOSafeDriver systems lead to lower insurance rates and fewer crashes for fleets. The technology prevents the driver’s from being distracted by the screen of their phone while in motion.. It also easily integrates with a vehicle’s telematics systems, giving fleet managers access to driver and vehicle data through one dashboard.

The innovative product has its start in personal experience. After a distracted driver hit one of ORIGOSafeDriver’s founders from behind, he focused on creating an advanced safety system for cell phones that would help eliminate distracted driving. Today, the company maintains its passion for reducing the number of distracted driver crashes and fatalities.

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“We’re proud to have them as a partner. They share our goal of providing fleets with technology that makes drivers and the nation’s highways safer,” said Randy Read, Co-founder of EnVue Telematics. “Their systems ensure fleet managers that drivers are not distracted by phones once they get behind the wheel. They also offer many added benefits, including seamless integration with vehicle telematics and driver coaching.”

“We think our system will provide a lot of benefit for EnVue Telematics clients,” said Clay Skelton, President at ORIGOSafeDriver. “It’s easy to set up, convenient to use and can make a fleet much safer. It also makes commercial fleets more efficient and lowers the risk of costly crashes.”

The Benefits of ORIGOSafeDriver Solutions

ORIGOSafeDriver offers a host of advantages for fleet managers. For example, it’s extremely easy to set up. Drivers simply download the app to their phone once and then stay logged in. No other action is necessary.

Once integrated with a vehicle’s telematics system, the cell phone safety software can detect when a vehicle is in motion. It immediately shuts off the screen of the phone, preventing the driver from becoming distracted. The system also coaches drivers with warnings about actions that violate cell phone safety policies, which in turn leads to improved driver behavior.

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Because all data from the ORIGOSafeDriver system flows through the telematics system, fleet managers get a comprehensive picture of who is driving and the type of vehicle.

While many fleets have cell phone safety policies in place, ORIGOSafeDriver ensures that these policies are enforced. Clients have seen drops of up to 50% in insurance premiums using the cell phone safety system. Others have seen a significant drop in the number of at-fault crashes involving their drivers.

The solution works with every type of vehicle or in fleets with a mix of vehicles, including cars, light duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks. Read said any of EnVue Telematics’ clients can benefit from the ORIGOSafeDriver cell phone safety solution. “Used with telematics systems, they provide managers a better way to manage risk, protect drivers from injury and lower the chance of costly damage from accidents,” Read said. “We look forward to introducing their products to our clients, as well as advising them on how to get the most out of ORIGOSafeDriver systems.”

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