EnVue Telematics Partners With Predictive Coach to Improve Fleet Safety

EnVue Telematics, the nation’s leading provider of innovative technology solutions for commercial fleets, has partnered with Predictive Coach to offer clients cutting-edge technology to enhance their ability to manage risk exposure associated with operating company vehicles.

Predictive Coach specializes in automated software that tracks and documents driver behavior, offers relevant driving training and gives fleet managers access to a dashboard that gives them reports and control over system settings.

Everything is geared toward identifying aggressive driving habits & having tools to mitigate those bad habits.

“We’re excited to have our products available through EnVue Telematics, because they share our commitment to getting advanced technology in the hands of fleet managers,” said (Predictive Coach representative). “We are passionate about improving fleet performance and safety. The elimination of liability by improving drivers’ behavior is Predictive Coach’s primary goal.”

Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement for EnVue Telematics, said EnVue is pleased to offer clients Predictive Coach’s industry-leading technology.

“Driver training is paramount to protecting your company against negligent entrustment as well as providing drivers with the proper expectations while they are behind the wheel,” said Shive. “With Predictive Coach there are many levels of driver training that can be accomplished to keep your fleet and drivers safe.”

How Predictive Coach Helps Fleets Reduce Risk

The technology offered by Predictive Coach tracks and documents driver behavior. This includes monitoring for seat belt use and risky behaviors such as speeding, hard acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and swerving.

Predictive Coach systems use that data to make a difference. The automated system takes insights gleaned from data to offer drivers relevant training that will improve their driving habits. Because every driver is different, the system recommends training programs that directly address issues the driver has experienced.

Drivers can complete the training program with any laptop, tablet, or mobile device. But Predictive Coach does not require drivers to have mobile devices in their vehicles, a difference that can help fleets who would prefer drivers not have personal devices in the cab.

Putting Control in the Hands of Fleet Managers

Another important facet of systems from Predictive Coach is that they allow fleet managers to have control over how the system operates, making it easier for them to oversee the coaching of their drivers.

Predictive Coach accomplishes this by providing fleet managers a dashboard that makes it easy to generate reports on drivers based on different sets of data. Fleet managers can then adjust controls of the system to suit their specific needs. For example, they can tailor driver training to fit the driver’s personality type and well as their driving tendencies.

An independent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found the system works exactly as intended. During a 13-week study that involved 92 drivers, researchers found the Predictive Coach system led to a 73% reduction in risky driving behaviors. Shive said the partnership helps further EnVue’s mission to make operations safer for clients. “We strive to provide fully comprehensive products and services,” he said. “Through this partnership, we can make safety even easier and keep drivers, their families and the general public safe while driving.”

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