EnVue Telematics Partners with ProMiles

EnVue Telematics, a telematics solutions and consultancy leader for commercial fleets, recently announced a partnership with ProMiles Software Development Corporation, a company that specializes in advanced, innovative software that focuses on regulatory compliance. EnVue Telematics can now offer clients the popular ProMiles Automated Fuel Tax Reporting (AFTR) software system.

The proprietary system from ProMiles uses data from ELD, GPS and fuel tax purchases to build trip routes that automatically calculate accurate, compliant information for fuel tax reporting. The ProMiles AFTR system meets the ever-evolving regulations at the state and federal level that govern fuel tax reporting.

“We’re excited to offer our clients the advanced software systems from ProMiles. They have developed innovative AFTR software that helps fleets better manage regulatory compliance, one of the most complicated and time-consuming issues fleet managers must deal with,” said Randy Read, co-founder of EnVue Telematics. “Every fleet want to be more efficient with fuel costs and avoid costly errors with filing tax paperwork. ProMiles gives them to opportunity to do both.”

Gary Markham, Executive Vice President of Regulatory Compliance for ProMiles, said the company welcomes the chance to expand its client base through EnVue Telematics.

“We feel we’ve earned the title of Regulatory Compliance Technology Leader, and we’re eager to show fleet managers what our innovative products can do for them,” said Markham.

Advantages of the ProMiles AFTR System

The ProMiles AFTR reporting system uses data from ELD, GPS and fuel purchases to calculate accurate costs associated with the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and miles taxes, as well as calculating International Registration Plan (IRP) percentages.

The system builds accurate trip routes by merging this data and analyzing it through the industry-leading ProMiles Route Engine that produces accurate, compliant trip records. ProMiles then places each trip into a web-based platform for review by clients. Once satisfied, fleet managers can print out IFTA, mile taxes and IRP reports, ready to sign and submit.

The system features:

  • An automated process that makes inputting and analyzing data for fuel tax reports more efficient, accurate and consistent
  • Elimination of time-consuming entry of data for fuel tax reporting, freeing up employees for more useful tasks
  • A reduction in potentially costly reporting errors
  • A system that easily integrates with fuel card systems, making it convenient to track and gather data from fuel purchases

ProMiles also offers services that go beyond what competitors offer. For example, the ProMiles system offers easy integration with not only most fuel card providers, but also Geotab products. The company also ensures data accuracy through a validation and correction process, as well as maintaining client’s records for seven years or more. ProMiles also extends audit support to clients that includes professional guidance through all phases of an audit. All these extra services are in keeping with the company’s focus on reducing complications for fleets and providing products and services that make regulatory compliance more efficient, affordable and accurate.

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