EnVue Telematics Partners With Noregon Systems Screen

EnVue Telematics, a telematics solutions and consultancy leader for commercial fleets, recently announced a partnership with Noregon. The new partnership gives EnVue Telematics the opportunity to offer clients industry-leading onboard diagnostics products and services.

Noregon focuses on providing fleets a better way to detect and address complex mechanical issues with modern fleet vehicles. The company’s products and services help simplify all aspects of maintenance, ranging from their in-shop applications to remote diagnostic solutions.  

“The technology is advanced, but the idea is straightforward: using an IoT system to collect and analyze millions of data points, giving fleet managers and mechanics the ability to extract valuable insight into a vehicle’s performance,” said Randy Read, Co-founder of EnVue Telematics. “We’re very excited about this partnership and having the ability to showcase Noregon’s proven systems.”

Paul Smith, VP of Professional Services for Noregon, said the company welcomes the opportunity to share its products and services with clients across North America.

“Fleets lose money when trucks are off the road. Our business is built on offering fleet managers a better way to maximize uptime for their vehicles. We want to make breakdowns on the road something fleets never have to worry about,” said Smith. “Our TripVision remote diagnostic system allows users to monitor every vehicle in real-time, alerting them about any issue before it has a chance to escalate.”

The Benefits of Noregon Systems Solutions

Fleet managers and mechanics enjoy a host of benefits by using Noregon’s suite of products and services. Overall, fleets become more effective and efficient, with less time and money spent on repairs. 

TripVision is powered by a telematics device on the vehicle. These devices collect and transmit information on a vehicle’s engine, electrical systems and other major components. Users can set configurable alerts for drivers and managers, allowing them to address issues as soon as they happen or, in some cases, before it even becomes an issue.

Features of TripVision include:

  • Connected devices transmit information on every major component of a vehicle in real-time
  • The system provides a color-coded scorecard for each vehicle, supplying a quick way for managers to assess vehicle status
  • Real-time, configurable alerts on important vehicle status changes delivered via email and/or SMS
  • Effect-on-vehicle descriptions and configurable action plans empower fleet personnel to make decisions based on real-time information of a vehicle’s status
  • System automation keeps fleets on track with scheduled maintenance to maximize performance.
  • Geofencing provides alerts when a vehicle leaves or enters a predetermined area and also tracks data points such as dwell time

The entire system focuses on providing value to clients by offering solutions to their challenges. “We understand how important our clients are to the economy. Our goal is to help fleets maintain the safe, reliable vehicles they need,” said Smith. “For the people who work at Noregon, just knowing how we can play a role in a more efficient supply chain is all the motivation we need to design the best products possible.”

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