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Driver safety ranks as the top issue for fleet managers at companies both large and small, because everything a transportation company does revolves around driver performance. That makes improving drivers’ skills and reducing the number of accidents a constant goal for managers.

SafetyFirst has dedicated its products and services to improve safety on the nation’s highways for more than two decades. The company, which operates under the motto “Because Results Matter,” offers fleet managers both the means to improve driver performance and the methods of monitoring the results of their efforts.

The company recently announced it will partner with EnVue Telematics to expand its reach to new clients.

“We’re excited to partner with SafetyFirst because we have long admired their dedication to improving the safety of our nation’s roads, a goal we also share at EnVue Telematics,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “Their products and services focus on reducing driver risk, better management of MVR, DOT compliance and many other areas that all help fleets make their operations more efficient and much safer.”

Products and Services Offered by SafetyFirst

SafetyFirst supports fleet and safety managers in their effort to make vehicles safer on the road and better manage risk. The company’s products include the following.

SafetyFirst Hotline 

Most people will immediately recognize the SafetyFirst Hotline, which involves placing a number on a truck for concerned motorists to call if they see a driver engage in aggressive or risky behavior on the road. Every time SafetyFirst receives a call, they immediately send a detailed email on the incident to the company involved. They also send a short video and coaching document that assists managers on counseling drivers. Companies receive a summary report at the end of each month detailing the number and types of reports, how reports were handled and a list of drivers receiving multiple complaints.


This service gives fleet managers the ability to efficiently manage all drivers from a single digital platform, no matter where they are located. The eDriverFile system not only manages data on drivers, but also can pull Motor Vehicle Records, send consent forms to drivers, manage risk scoring and DOT compliance (DQ files), and alert managers when a driver’s license is set to expire or when certificates or training needs updating.

MVR Monitoring

The MVR monitoring system uses automated software algorithms to constantly monitor a driver’s license. If any type of change occurs, the MVR Monitoring system immediately notifies managers. This includes moving violations, speeding, DUI, or suspension, revocation or expiration of a license. EnVue Telematics clients now have access to all these products and services from SafetyFirst. Each is designed to reduce the risks to drivers, improve their overall performance and make the roads safer for all drivers. Those are goals every fleet manager wants to achieve.

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