EnVue Partners With SpeedGauge to Improve Driver Performance

EnVue Telematics, a leader in telematics solutions for commercial fleets, has partnered with data analytics company SpeedGauge® to offer customers their industry leading driver behavior and fleet performance improvement software solution.

SpeedGauge helps fleets change driver behavior through the use of speeding behavior analytics and manager coaching. The company’s systems reduce costs, empower managers, motivate drivers, and provide accountability to executives. Ultimately, SpeedGauge products lead to improved operations, better risk management and a higher level of safety for commercial fleets.

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“SpeedGauge has a well-deserved reputation for providing some of the most accurate data-driven systems in the industry. The focus on adhering to speed limits and improving driver performance – all of which reduces risk and makes highways safer – is a goal we share at EnVue Telematics,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management. “We’re excited to partner with SpeedGauge and look forward to showing our customers how SpeedGauge products can improve their fleets.”

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What SpeedGauge Offers Fleet Managers

SpeedGauge Safety Center

SpeedGauge Safety Center® – the essential speed monitoring and driver performance improvement solution supports better decision-making for fleet managers, from knowing which drivers to thank, which to coach to choosing the right driver training. The Safety Center software focuses on improving driver behaviors that impact over-the-road performance, fuel economy and other factors. Using speed analysis as a simple yet transformative coaching metric to improve safety awareness and practices at any fleet for immediate and long-lasting risk reduction and operational gains.

SpeedGauge Driver Center

The SpeedGauge Driver Center is the perfect complement to the Safety Center solution for any transportation company. This driver engagement solution empowers the driver to take control over improving his or her performance. Driver Center provides speeding scores, incident details, predictive performance trends and gamification to the driver in two ways; online driver portal or a mobile app. The Driver Center also includes a manager portal with additional analytics to review the performance of all drivers.

The SpeedGauge Driver Center provides 100% transparency between managers and drivers allowing managers to quickly develop team-building strategies and set goals.

Why Use SpeedGauge?

While other businesses provide speed limit data, SpeedGauge builds its database using information from multiple sources.

“Our database is updated around the clock by our global map analyst team to reflect the latest changes to posted legal speed limits, new road construction and online feedback from our customers,” said John Ringelmann, Partner Success Coordinator. “Speed update requests are usually vetted and changed in our database within 6 to 12 hours. Others update their database less frequently – weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.”

The experienced team at SpeedGauge offers professional services such as training on their reporting systems, consulting on safety and/or driver incentive program development and overall best practices and recommendations to quickly obtain the ROI.

SpeedGauge offers a free 30-day trial. No hardware or installation required. SpeedGauge uses the data already be collected by telematic providers.

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Fleet managers who use SpeedGauge systems make safety pay by:

  • Improving driver safety, CSA scores, coaching and training to drivers
  • Increasing revenue by lowering operational, insurance and legal costs
  • improving efficiency and protecting their brand and reputation
  • Boosting the ROI of their telematics and other safety solution investments

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