EnVue Telematics Partners With TRUCE Software | Mobile Productivity

EnVue Telematics, a leader in advanced telematics products and after-sale consulting services, has partnered with TRUCE Software, provider of the first platform to offer a contextually aware and responsive mobile device management solution that optimizes mobile safety and productivity across the workplace.

The TRUCE patented platform works with iOS and Android to provide enhanced worker safety on the road, around heavy equipment and in the workplace. TRUCE enables companies to ensure the right employees access the right mobile device functions and apps at the right time.

“What I look forward to most from our new partnership with EnVue is helping clients maximize all that mobility has to offer across their workplace,” said Pete Plotas, VP Global Alliances at TRUCE. “Our mission is to enable the safe and productive use of mobile devices so that company risk is mitigated.”

Businesses have long needed a solution that finds a balance between the benefits of mobility and the challenge of to managing its use at work. TRUCE offers companies of all sizes a new way to deploy mobility across their workforce, by dynamically serving-up the right access to and acceptable use of applications to an employee as they move throughout their day. Now, companies can offer mobile content and functionality to fit the real-time safety, security, and productivity needs.

“TRUCE offers companies a huge transformation in the ability to promote workplace safety and productivity,” said Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement and Account Management at EnVue Telematics. “EnVue is proud to offer their product. It’s a great addition to any company that wants to eliminate distractions on the road or in the workplace.”

How TRUCE Works

TRUCE detects workplace contextual events, such as movement, proximity, or location, and automatically triggers situationally relevant management of a mobile device according to the client’s mobile device policies. It allows access only to the appropriate mobile applications, content and features based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group.

TRUCE can be configured by job function, work group, division/region or down to the individual employee. TRUCE works if the internet is down if Wi-Fi goes out or even if a device goes into airplane mode.

A management console provides a dashboard and reporting of policy compliance to help managers gain insights to modify mobile device policies as needed.

Watch How TRUCE Works

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