EnVue Telematics Partners With Business Payment Company FLEETCOR

EnVue Telematics, a leading provider of products and services designed to optimize commercial fleet operations, has teamed with FLEETCOR to provide clients the opportunity to purchase the company’s fuel cards and other services. 

FLEETCOR is known worldwide for revolutionizing business payments, providing organizations the tools needed to streamline business payment systems and make data-driven purchasing choices. FLEETCOR products offer fleet managers more control over what they spend and how they spend it.

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Dan Shive, Director of Client Engagement at EnVue Telematics, said FLEETCOR has the systems that can help fleets better manage their fuel strategy.

“EnVue is pleased to announce our partnership with FLEETCOR. At EnVue, we continue to create additional value for our clients and prospects by engaging in critical fleet needs,” said Shive. “Nearly all fleets have some sort of fuel strategy. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at what FLEETCOR can do.”

What FLEETCOR Offers To Clients

FLEETCOR focuses its business on providing innovative ways for companies to improve their business payments systems. The company strives to bring the convenience of B2C payment systems to B2B purchases. It’s an area that for many years lagged behind, but FLEETCOR’s products and services have helped close the gap.

The range of products offered by FLEETCOR offers what fleet managers need to develop a more comprehensive fuel strategy that is digitized, automated, secured and completely under their control.

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The core of the business are E-Payables that allow payments to suppliers, whether they are in the United States or another country, and payment cards that allow employees to make purchases.

E-Payables include automated accounts payable systems, purchasing cards, virtual  cards and cross border payments. Payment cards include those for fuel, lodging, tolls and parking, and travel and entertainment. 

The Importance of Fuel Cards

EnVue offers the FLEETCOR fuel cards and the service that backs up their use. This includes Fuelman, Comdata, Mastercard and other well-known fuel cards.

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The cards offer many advanced data collection and monitoring services designed to lower the risk of fraudulent activity and better control costs. They include driver ID/PIN validation for fuel purchases, setting spending time limits that can include time of day, day or week and even merchant type, and software to track all fuel purchases.

The cards also support a reporting system that lets fleet managers match miles driven to fuel purchases and ensures regulatory compliance.

Shive said the new partnership fits into EnVue’s mission to offer clients fully comprehensive fleet management products and services. “Through this partnership, we can provide our customers an easy-to-use system to track and protect fuel charges while monitoring for fraud,” Shive said. “FLEETCOR keeps our customers safe when it comes to fuel management.”

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