EnVue Telematics Wins-2023 Geotab Innovation Award

EnVue Telematics, a leading fleet technologies consulting company, received a Geotab Innovation Award in the Small Business Partner category at Geotab Connect 2023 in Orlando, Florida. The Innovation Awards, announced by Colin Sutherland, Geotab’s Chief Customer Officer, were given to nine partners for their innovative performance in various categories. Geotab awarded EnVue Telematics in the Small Business Partner category for its best practices in using Geotab technology solutions to help small businesses succeed in meeting their fleet intelligence needs.

“I was sitting beside Geotab’s Partner Account Manager, Leanne Johnson, when our award was announced. What a really special honor!  Kudos to Susan, Angel and everyone in Operations and Support. You made this happen. Bravo!” said John Gaither, Director of Sales for EnVue Telematics.

Randy Read, Co-Founder of EnVue Telematics, said, “This award gives us recognition as one of Geotab’s resellers whose use of Geotab Solutions helps drive innovation and informed decision-making in their ecosystem. We were honored to be one of only nine resellers out of more than 700 partners to be recognized. This recognition is a testament to our focus on building long-term customer relationships by consistently delivering superior support for the product and services we sell.”

“Our ecosystem of partners is vital to the company’s success, and it is a pleasure to recognize partners for their hard work and dedication,” said Neil Cawse, CEO and founder of Geotab. “We were thrilled to introduce our new Geotab Innovation Awards program at Connect 2023 and to recognize EnVue Telematics for its role in helping small businesses make data-informed decisions and achieve greater business success with the use of Geotab products and solutions.”

In the award selection process, EnVue Telematics, whose portfolio of Small Business Customers represented at least 50% of their total Geotab subscriptions, had the highest Innovation Score globally. The score, which was found using a new benchmarking system, ranks partners that effectively utilized Geotab solutions and industry best practices.

The award ceremony took place on the first day of the Geotab Connect, held in Orlando, Florida, from February 5 to 8, 2023. More than 1,700 fleet managers, customers and partners gathered to share insights on the latest fleet management solutions at over 70 marketplace exhibits and during over 70 immersive learning sessions by industry leaders. Presentations focused on how data-driven fleet intelligence technology can optimize all aspects of business, including operations, cost savings, fuel efficiency and safety. The EnVue team interacted with its valued clients and partners and discussed the power of connected vehicles in an age of unprecedented challenges in the telematics industry.  The entire staff at EnVue Telematics is honored to have been recognized by Geotab for its ongoing efforts to continue to innovate and thrive as an industry leader in fleet management technology.

For more information, please contact Gwen Moore, Director of Marketing, gmoore@et-envue.com or visit envuetelematics.com.

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