Protect your valuable assets

Our GPS asset tracking platform and rugged trackers provide you with detailed, real-time intelligence about your trailers, heavy equipment, and other equipment.

Go Rugged
Locate and manage heavy equipment with the GO Rugged tracker
Top industry specs
Solar trailer trackers are durable and lower data transmission costs.
4G LTE Asset Tracking Gateway
The StealthNet asset tracker integrates with MyGeotab.

Trailer Tracking

  • Lightweight trackers use Bluetooth LE to keep data transmission costs low.
  • Solar-powered batteries last 10 years.
  • Effectively deal with cargo and trailer theft.
  • Automate yard checks.
  • Manage detention billing.

Powered Assets

  • Track assets in harsh weather conditions
  • Ideal for heavy equipment (“yellow iron”), oil field equipment, and agricultural machinery.
  • Near real-time updates – PTO duration, plow time, dumping cycles, panic buttons, and more.
  • Hardwiring provides diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and proprietary engine data.

Non-Powered Assets

Equipement Icon

Locate the right equipment for the right job site.

Generator Icon

Monitor static equipment such as generators, lifts, pumps, and dumpsters.

Theft Icon

Reduce unauthorized use and theft with movement alerts.

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