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Route planning and optimization involves finding the most efficient and effective route to complete a delivery. Finding a route planner for your business is important in a competitive market where every fleet is looking for an edge.

Route planner software systems provide that edge. With innovative vehicle routing tech, dispatchers can use a large variety of factors to determine the best route for a delivery, including weather and road conditions and the historical performance of specific vehicles and drivers.

Commercial transport companies do not have the luxury of allowing vehicles to sit in traffic jams or become slowed for long periods of time by road construction. A route planner for your business can eliminate these and other barriers to making the most efficient deliveries possible, including better management of last-mile delivery.

What Route Planners Can Do For Commercial Fleets

Used correctly, route planners for your business can boost profits, reduce costs and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Vehicle routing tech improves route planning at scale, considering factor such as:

  • The best driver for specific routes
  • The best vehicle for specific routes
  • The customer’s preferred delivery times
  • Resource restrictions such as the capacity of different vehicles
  • Road and weather conditions
  • Last-minute adjustments needed to avoid roadblocks and traffic congestion
  • Historical data on driver and vehicle performance on specific routes

Drivers and vehicles are key to success for every commercial fleet and logistics company, but they also represent some of the biggest risks. Fleets practice better risk management when they consider every possible factor involved with a delivery, reducing the chance of long delays.

The Best Available Route Planning Software Systems

Two of the best route planning system providers offer all the services mentioned above and much more. EnVue Telematics partners with both of these companies and has the latest systems available for clients.


Billed as the world’s first complete route planning and optimization software solution, Route4Me allows fleet managers to avoid traffic congestion, save on fuel costs and improve delivery times. Among the system’s many features is voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to every stop on a route, all through the system’s app. Data incorporated into route planning includes weather, time windows, distance, cubic volume of the goods carried, weight of the vehicle, and service time (the time spent by a driver at each stop).


The advanced route optimizations software from Elite EXTRA allows fleets to maximize the efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. Managers and dispatchers get a real-time view of the entire fleet. The system allows dispatches to match the best driver with the right vehicle and route and provides ETA updates that accurately project when a driver will arrive at the destination. It also allows fleets to communicate with clients through automated texts and emails.

These innovative software systems allow fleet managers and dispatchers to make data-driven decisions when choosing the best routes for drivers. The capabilities of these advanced systems make a route planner for your business a key to success in commercial transport.

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