Find GPS Trailers for Your Business | Non-vehicle Asset Tracking

While most managers think of vehicles when considering GPS tracking, connected devices also can track other important assets such as GPS trailers for your business. The innovative software used in advanced telematics systems provide security and protection for a company’s most valued assets.

Those advantages apply to trucks and cars as well as non-vehicle asset tracking, including both powered assets, such as construction equipment, generators and compressors, and non-powered assets, such as water tanks, roll offs, frac tanks, and trailers.

Who Needs Non-Vehicle Asset Tracking?

GPS trailer tracking allows businesses to find trailers anywhere and help keep ETAs (estimated time of delivery) accurate with customers. Non-vehicle asset tracking also detects theft and unauthorized use of equipment and trailers.

This provides significant advantages for any type of business that uses large pieces of equipment as part of daily business, including construction companies, public utilities, shipping companies, large warehouse operations, and many more.

The Benefits of GPS Trailer Tracking for Your Business

Companies that use non-vehicle asset tracking enjoy many benefits and advantages in a highly competitive market.

Increased Security

GPS trailers tracking systems send alerts when someone moves an asset from a pre-established area or uses it without authorization. Systems also can determine if trailers have open doors or unloaded cargo. Managers can quickly find “missing” trailers without having to waste time conducting a manual search.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Non-vehicle asset tracking reduces the chance of “trailer misdirection,” which involves a trailer a company wants to use only in certain areas getting accidentally used somewhere else. It usually results from trailers getting “mixed together” and  no one tracking the location details on each one. GPS trailer tracking addresses that issue. And by knowing the location of every non-vehicle asset, companies can improve efficiency and better meet and exceed customer expectations.

Optimize Utilization

With GPS trailer tracking for your business, managers can easily access data and create reports on the level of use for each assets, identifying those with heavy use and those that remain mostly idle. This allows companies to optimize utilization of assets, even growing business by deploying idle assets into areas with higher levels of demand.

Avoid Errant Trailers and Fees

Fleets that lose track of trailers face having to eventually pay fees for trailers left unused at distribution centers, a common issue with large fleets that have many different assets to track. GPS trailer tracking devices can send alerts if a trailer sits idle for a predetermined amount of time.

Schedule Maintenance

Non-vehicle assets need to be on a regular maintenance schedule to avoid breakdowns and detect damage that needs repairing. A GPS trailer tracking system can help companies automate that process, ensuring that every asset is put into maintenance at the appropriate time.

GPS trailer tracking for your business can help make operations more efficient and profitable. They also can increase customer satisfaction and help companies exceed expectations, an important part of success in competitive industries.

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