Need Fleet Driver Monitoring? Here's One Offering a Free 30 Day Trial!

The new Driver Center extension from driving analytics and performance leader SpeedGauge provides insights to drivers and easier communication for fleet managers. The fleet driver monitoring system serves as both a way for drivers and managers to assess driving behavior and provides motivation for improvement.

The Driver Center is a new addition to the SpeedGauge Safety Center software system that supports improved driving behavior, over-the-road performance and fuel economy. As with all SpeedGauge software, the driver monitoring system uses data analytics to help managers make better business decisions.

SpeedGauge now offers Driver Center to fleets for a free, 30-day trial.

Who Is SpeedGauge?

SpeedGauge is an industry leader in data analytics for commercial fleets. The company’s systems collect data on driving behavior that both drivers and fleet managers can use to improve performance, reduce risk, lower costs and make roads safer for all drivers.

What Is the SpeedGauge Safety Center?

The SpeedGauge Safety Center is recognized as the industry standard for driver behavior analytics. Fleets use the innovative software system to collect data on driver behavior and find ways to improve driver performance safety. The system allows managers to identify their best drivers and also why they are the best drivers. Fleets around the world use the system to monitor hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles.

What Is the Driver Center?

The SpeedGauge Driver Center works as an extension of the Safety Center. The Driver Center is a fleet driver monitoring system that gives managers and drivers a clear view of overall driving performance, including the key issue of speed limit compliance. SpeedGauge built the Driver Center system keeping three essential values in mind:

  • Transparency. The system allows drivers to see what their manager sees.
  • Communication. The system allows managers to convey driving improvement goals and progress easily and clearly.
  • Building a Team. The system allows drivers, schedulers, dispatchers, supervisors and human resources to work together on a company-wide risk reduction and driving improvement program

Is The System Available Through An App?

Yes. Drivers can download a mobile app that is easy to use from wherever they are on the road. Driver Center includes a safety feature that only allows the app to open when the vehicle is not in motion. Information is sent to an online dashboard where managers can view the data. Information on driving behavior and trends is shared with the entire team. A web-based version of the app is also available.

What Data Can Driver Center Track?

The system allows the team to collect a wide variety of information. It includes:

  • Over-the-limit speeding percentages
  • Driving behavior trends over time
  • Progress toward company improvement goals
  • Information on benefits of safe driving efforts (reduced costs, few accidents, and more)
  • Drivers can view data on their performance and see how they compare to peers

What Are Other Benefits Does Driver Center Offer?

Fleet driver monitoring with Driver Center saves time by automating communication and the exchange of data between drivers and managers. The system also provides protection for fleets by documenting driver coaching sessions. The Driver Center encourages drivers to practice self-coaching, and gives managers the ability to see the level of engagement drivers have with the app. The transparency and effectiveness of the SpeedGauge Driver Center puts drivers and managers on the same page as they work together to improve driving performance, reduce risk of accidents and injuries, and improve the fleet’s bottom line. By encouraging everyone involved to work as a team, it’s a fleet driver monitoring solution that gets results.

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