How Fleet Managers Can Cope with Data Overload | Data Simplification

While the wealth of data produced by innovative technology can benefit fleet managers, it’s only advantageous if interpreted correctly and acted upon. That’s where the issue of data overload can become a significant problem.

Currently, the average amount of data produced by a connected vehicle is about 25 gigabytes every hour. Many experts expect this to increase 50-fold over the next decade. That results in massive amounts of data for fleet managers.

Capturing intelligence from data can shed light on weaknesses in an operation and reveal opportunities for making improvements. But faced with overwhelming amounts of data, many fleet managers have difficulty identifying actionable data and leveraging it to boost business profitability.

Telematics Data Solutions

EnVue Telematics specializes in customizing systems that collect and analyze data. But that is only part of what the company does. Just as importantly, they offer support for interpreting that data and extracting information that is actionable.

EnVue offers telematics data solutions to create easy to understand reports that address areas such as fleet operations, risk management and DOT compliance. They also help educate the people who can take appropriate action within your business.

The Scope of the Issue

These fleet management solutions have proven increasingly popular as the amount of data has increased. Much like business in other industries, fleet managers find themselves awash in data but not always equipped with the tools needed to put it to use.

And this data overload includes more issues than just engine monitoring and Geo-location. Advanced systems can now detect facial cues that indicate driver drowsiness or monitor whether drivers use a seat belt.

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Quality telematics systems separate the data wheat from the chaff. It’s an issue that is of increasing importance not just for fleet managers, but for anyone in any industry who works with data.

A Business World Overwhelmed By Data

The issue with data is not specific to fleet managers. As Forbes reported, “Most businesses have no problem capturing the data, but now, they need to be able to react to that data in real time.”

In some places it’s started to impact employees. A study from India found that 85% of workers who deal with data felt “overwhelmed or unhappy.”

And Harvard Business Review reports that in one area – marketing – data analytics has “not lived up to its promise,” adding that most marketing managers say the impact of data has been modest. It’s a finding that hasn’t changed in five straight years. Much of the issue is traced back to no clear plan for leveraging data to improve operations.

Data Can Provide Great Insights For Fleet Managers

For fleet managers, the impact of data is significant. The ability to monitor engine performance, optimize preventative maintenance plans, monitor driver activity and produce accurate reports that are DOT compliant is huge. But data simplification is something every company needs.

The ability to understand and find actionable uses for data is key to success. The systems offered by EnVue Telematics can not only collect data, but offer methods for finding insights into how changes – even small ones – can have a greater impact.  EnVue Telematics offers systems that monitor all the issues above as well as provide support to help their customers understand and act upon the data they collect.

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