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Integrated fuel card and GPS data helps fight fuel fraud and misuse

Together, FLEETCOR® fuel card data integrated with your GPS is a better way to fight fuel fraud and identify potential fuel card misuse.*

FLEETCOR®, is a global business payments company and leading provider of fuel cards in North America. Their portfolio of brands includes Comdata®, Fuelman®, Fuelman Mastercard® and many well-known oil and gas cards, all of which help companies automate, secure, digitize and control payments. FLEETCOR serves companies in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

*The integration of a fuel card with a telematics solution cannot predict or prevent all fraudulent transactions. Only when integrated with the Geotab or Samsara telematics solution and data is available. Only when a qualified FLEETCOR fuel card is selected.

Manage your fuel expenses the smart and secure way with a fleet card

Together, FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards with the Samsara or Geotab platform help customers fight fraud and identify potential fuel card misuse by matching a vehicle’s location with the merchant’s location at the time of a purchase.

Now with enhanced authorization controls for added protection

Whether you’re a small business, a truck driver, or a Fortune 500 company, we can help you find a fuel card that is right for your business. FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards include Comdata, Fuelman, and Fuelman MasterCard.

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What FLEETCOR Offers

Fuel Card Controls

  • Enhanced security with driver ID/PIN validation for fuel purchases
  • Set spending limits that include merchant type, day of the week and time of day
  • Control expenses by tracking and managing fuel purchases


  • Track and report fuel purchases by vehicle/card to simplify regulatory compliance (such as IFTA and Fuel Purchase reports)
  • Simplify expense reporting by matching miles traveled to gallons purchased


  • Get an alert when a fuel purchase is made on a fuel card and the vehicle is not within a predefined distance to the pump
  • Get an alert when a vehicle is fueled above a predefined percentage of a fuel tank’s capacity

*The integration of a fuel card with a telematics solution cannot predict or prevent all fraudulent transactions. Only when integrated with the Geotab or Samsara telematics solution and data is available. Only when a qualified FLEETCOR fuel card is selected. Alerts available only on FLEETCOR fuel cards carrying the Mastercard® brand and when integrated to the Geotab telematics solution.

All You Need In a Fuel Card. Nothing You Don’t.

The Fuelman® card provides a better way to buy fuel than cash or credit cards. It supports businesses in reducing fraud and misuse with purchase controls and real-time alerts. It also offers enhanced reporting of expenses for drivers and vehicles that lead to better business decisions, as well as leading fuel rebates. The Fuelman card is accepted at 50,000 preferred fuel sites nationwide.

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For Trucking and OTR Businesses

The Comdata® card offers services aimed at trucking and OTR business. That includes 7,000-plus truck stops in a national network. The card can pay for scales and tire purchases. The Comdata card also helps businesses stay compliant using tax, licensing and permit services. All this in addition to spending controls.

For The Go Anywhere, Do Anything Local Business

FLEETCOR fuel cards that carry the Mastercard® brand lets businesses control spending while allowing the convenience of refueling anywhere Mastercard is accepted. The card also offers a full suite of enhanced controls including determining when and where purchases are made and the ability to limit spending by location, date, time of day and dollar amount.

For Local Businesses that Buy From Names they Trust

When using fuel cards from one of FLEETCOR’s gas and oil partners, businesses get a consistent experience with a brand they know and trust. Rebates are available for in-network transactions.

EnVue Telematics and Fleetcor: A Strategic Partnership

EnVue Telematics is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Fleetcor, a leading global provider of commercial payment solutions. This collaboration integrates EnVue’s cutting-edge telematics technology with Fleetcor’s comprehensive payment solutions, offering a robust platform designed to enhance fleet management efficiency, financial control, and operational transparency.

About Fleetcor

Fleetcor is a premier provider of specialized payment products and services for businesses, offering solutions that streamline payments for fuel, tolls, lodging, and other expenses. Fleetcor’s innovative platforms are designed to simplify expense management, improve cash flow, and provide actionable insights that help businesses operate more efficiently.

Key Benefits of the EnVue Telematics and Fleetcor Partnership

1. Comprehensive Expense Management: Combining EnVue Telematics’ real-time tracking and data analytics with Fleetcor’s payment solutions creates a powerful tool for managing fleet expenses. This integration ensures that fleet managers have complete visibility and control over fuel purchases, maintenance costs, and other operational expenses, leading to better financial management.

2. Real-Time Tracking and Reporting: Fleetcor’s payment solutions, integrated with EnVue’s telematics data, provide real-time reporting on all transactions. This transparency helps fleet managers monitor spending patterns, detect anomalies, and make informed financial decisions. Real-time tracking also aids in compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements.

3. Enhanced Fuel Management: Fleetcor’s fuel card solutions, when combined with EnVue’s telematics data, enable precise monitoring of fuel consumption and purchasing behavior. This integration helps prevent fuel fraud, optimize fuel usage, and identify opportunities for cost savings. Enhanced fuel management ensures that fleets operate more efficiently and sustainably.

4. Optimized Route Planning: Telematics technology uses GPS and real-time traffic data to optimize route planning, reducing travel time and fuel consumption. Efficient route planning ensures timely deliveries and enhances overall fleet productivity. Fleetcor’s expense management solutions further support this by providing insights into the most cost-effective routes.

5. Streamlined Compliance and Reporting: Fleetcor’s automated compliance tracking and reporting capabilities simplify the management of regulatory requirements. When integrated with EnVue Telematics, this ensures accurate record-keeping and timely reporting, reducing the risk of fines and penalties. Streamlined compliance management enhances operational efficiency.

6. Improved Cash Flow Management: Fleetcor’s payment solutions improve cash flow by providing flexible payment options and detailed reporting on expenses. This integration allows fleet managers to better manage budgets, predict cash flow needs, and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual expense tracking.

7. Enhanced Security and Fraud Prevention: Fleetcor’s secure payment solutions, combined with EnVue’s telematics data, provide robust protection against fraud. Real-time alerts for unusual spending patterns and stringent security measures ensure that transactions are authorized and legitimate, safeguarding the company’s financial resources.

8. Actionable Insights and Analytics: The combined solution offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights into fleet performance, expense management, and operational efficiency. Fleet managers can use this data to identify trends, optimize processes, and make informed decisions that enhance productivity and profitability.

Leveraging the Partnership for Optimal Fleet Management

The EnVue Telematics and Fleetcor partnership offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges of fleet management. By combining real-time data, advanced analytics, and robust payment solutions, the partnership enables fleets to operate more efficiently, safely, and profitably.

Future Trends and Innovations

The future of fleet management lies in the integration of advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT. The partnership between EnVue Telematics and Fleetcor will continue to evolve, incorporating these technologies to enhance predictive analytics, operational efficiency, and financial control.

The partnership between EnVue Telematics and Fleetcor represents a significant advancement in fleet management solutions. By combining expertise in telematics and payment solutions, we provide a comprehensive platform that enhances fleet efficiency, safety, and financial management. Contact EnVue Telematics today to discover how our partnership with Fleetcor can help your fleet achieve peak performance and operational excellence.