Lower your fleet’s top operating cost

Reducing the cost of fuel usage is a tried-and-true strategy for bringing down fleet operating costs. We’ll help you reduce idling, slippage, and theft.

Dashboard benchmarking
Track idling, mileage, and fuel usage.
Fuel benchmarking
Our Fuel Economy Report lets you compare individual vehicles with higher-MPG alternatives
IFTA report
Filter mileage by state for IFTA reporting.

Collect Detailed Fuel Usage Data

  • View detailed fuel economy and idling reports.
  • Track key metrics such as consumption, fuel economy, and fuel level.
  • Inspection checklists alert technicians about low tire pressure.

Curtail Wasteful Driving Habits

  • In-cab alerts warn about speeding and other fuel-wasting aggressive driving.
  • Benchmark high-fuel-use drivers in your fleet.
  • Workflows detect discrepancies by vehicle, driver, or location.

Integrate Your Fuel Card Provider

  • Import fuel purchases from your fleet card provider.
  • Correlate fuel transactions with vehicle location.
  • Identify exceptions to fight waste, fraud, and theft.

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