Geotab Vehicle Integrations | GM and Ford Connected Vehicle Technology

Businesses using Ford and GM vehicles can benefit from the inclusion of Geotab Integrated Solutions that process vehicle-generated data, giving fleet managers more opportunities to leverage that information. EnVue Telematics offers a full lineup of Geotab products, including those used in GM connected vehicle technology and Ford connected vehicle technology.

Both provide data-driven solutions for fleet managers that allow them to make operations more efficient, effective and safer. Through EnVue Telematics, fleet managers can find the innovative technology that Geotab offers for popular Ford and GM vehicles.

Geotab Solutions for GM Vehicles

Geotab announced its solutions for GM vehicles in January 2020. They allow fleet managers to access vehicle data from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac through the MyGeotab platform. The data is accessed through a factory-fit, GM-engineered embedded OnStar module.

The most significant benefit is that it allows managers to oversee an entire fleet through one platform. No installation or additional hardware is needed. For GM, the Geotab system works with GM connected vehicle technology on 2015 models or newer. 

The system allows businesses to improve fleet productivity, ensure compliance and enhance safety.

Ed Peper, U.S. vice president of GM Fleet, said in a press release about the announcement: “GM Fleet and Geotab have many of the same customers and we want to provide them with the tools they need to run their business effectively and efficiently.”

Geotab Integrated Solution for Ford

In 2019, Geotab entered into an agreement with Ford that creates a similar data-sharing arrangement between Ford Data Services and Geotab’s cloud environment, simplifying the task for mixed-fleet management. The Ford system securely transmits data from Ford vehicles with a factory installed modem, eliminating the need for using third-party hardware.

As with GM, the most significant impact of the new system is that it allows fleet managers to oversee their fleets via one portal. It also offers access to Geotab mobile apps, hardware add-ons and software add-ons that allow for further customization.

The system is available for all Ford connected vehicle technology in 2020 and newer models. The partnership with Geotab allows fleet managers to “access vehicle information such as fuel usage, vehicle health and driver behavior, through the Geotab platform for vehicles with a Ford modem,” according to Michelle Moody, Director at Ford Commercial Solutions.

What Geotab Offers

Geotab vehicle integrations collect, analyze and derive important insights from vehicle-created data. Geotab solutions include a wide range of innovative, useful technology that makes it easier for fleet managers to optimize operations.

For example, GeotabGO technology available through EnVue Telematics includes technology that improves:

  • Productivity (driver tracking and reporting; asset tracking and management; and routing and dispatching)
  • Optimization (fleet fuel management, maintenance and benchmarking)
  • Safety (driver safety reporting; driver coaching; and dash cams)
  • Sustainability (greenhouse gas and emissions reduction; EV fleet management)
  • Compliance (use of Geotab Drive to create electronic logging device (ELD) records; driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR); and international fuel tax agreement (IFTA) information)
  • Expandability (software and hardware integration)

EnVue Telematics also offers Geotab devices such as the GORUGGED, which allows data collection from heavy equipment, agricultural machinery and oil field equipment.

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