Increase efficiency, safety in your government fleet

As a public fleet manager, you’re always working to maximizing taxpayer-funded resources and respond to mandates from elected leaders. You need innovative fleet management technology that’s as reliable as your team.

Real-Time Locational Visibility

Receive instant locations of your public works, parks and recreation, police, and fire vehicles. Better manage assets such as trailers, heavy equipment, generators, and zero-turn mowers.

  • Live map view with vehicle breadcrumb trails
  • Geofencing alerts for any address or landmark
  • PTO activity, including auxiliary equipment such as snowplows

Optimize Maintenance and Fuel Spend

Enforce preventive maintenance schedules, quickly identify needed repairs to minimize downtime, and manage workflows in your fleet facility.

  • Reduce idling with detailed engine data.
  • Triage reporting of diagnostic fault codes (DTCs).
  • Capture service history.
  • Track costs for parts and service.

Replace ICE Vehicles with EVs and Hybrids

Analyze vehicle utilization, so you can replace low-use motor pool units and implement electric vehicles and hybrids across your operation.

  • Understand which vehicles can be replaced with EVs.
  • Compare electricity to fuel efficiency.
  • Manage EVs with state-of-charge insights.

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