How Can Fleet Operations Be Improved? | How Do You Manage a Fleet?

On any given day, fleet managers work hard just to keep all the plates spinning. But they also keep an eye on ways to improve fleet operations. Some of most important areas including optimizing routes, creating success metrics, practicing preventive maintenance, coaching drivers to better performance, cutting tire and fuel costs and reducing administrative costs.

Telematics supports achievement of all those goals, offering high-tech solutions to fleet challenges. The ability to adapt to change is one of the main attributes of a successful fleet manager, which is why so many have turned to telematics to help them successfully manage a fleet.

The following provides a brief overview of areas where improved fleet operations make a big impact. Fleet management solutions offered through EnVue Telematics directly address these areas.

Optimize Delivery Routes

From finding the least traffic-congested route to managing last mile delivery, telematics allows fleet managers to make operations much more effective and efficient. Gone are the days of making a best guess and seeing how it turns out. Managers now have real-time information available on weather, traffic and vehicle data, as well as live-stream in-cab video. Advanced telematics systems ensure that drivers take the safest, fastest route to reach their destination on time.

Measure Success

Innovative telematics also allow businesses to establish fleet success metrics with benchmarks that measure success for fleet operations. Those metrics include fuel and labor costs, number of accidents, size of customer base and productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

This is an area where most fleets can become much more efficient. Preventive maintenance includes oil changes, fluid refills and tire inspections. Keeping track of the schedule for every vehicle is time-consuming. Automated telematics systems communicate directly with dashboards available to fleet managers, letting them know with ample advanced notice when maintenance is due.

Coach Drivers

Fleet managers routinely seek ways to coach drivers on the best practices for safe, fuel-efficient driving. By using driver-facing dash cams and devices that monitors speed, braking and other issues, managers given themselves more data to better coach drivers. The benefits include safer roads and reduced costs. Some systems also interact with drivers in real-time, sending alerts when they engage in risky driving behavior.

Focus On Tire, Fuel Costs

Both tires and fuel present major costs for fleets. Tires are another major maintenance issue, requiring timely rotations and inspections, as well as alignments – another thing that automated systems can track. Telematics systems also offers multiple ways to save on fuel costs. They include GPS systems that track drivers and ensure they are taking the most fuel-efficient route and monitoring driving behavior that increases fuel costs. Fuel card programs can also reduce costs, track fuel purchases and protect against fraud.

Save Administrative Costs

Fleet management software allows managers to dispense paperwork that slows operations, especially in the areas of DOT compliance. That includes ELD and Hours of Service information that drivers and fleet managers must compile. Tech systems also eliminate the issue of lost paperwork, the time-consuming task of completing paperwork and the risk of making errors. These are six of the many areas where telematics improves fleet operations, making every process more efficient. Getting there just requires making the commitment to upgrading the technology used in running a successful fleet.

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