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Geotab has become a leader in the telematics industry due to a strong track record of providing powerful software tools that give commercial fleets the ability to leverage innovative technology to improve operations. That same approach also works for utility fleet management.

By connecting a utility company’s mobile workforce and assets, Geotab technology allows utility fleet managers to better oversee the safety of employees and contractors both on the road and on job sites. The key is finding a Geotab reseller who can answer your questions and connect you with the devices and systems you need to optimize fleet operations.

Geotab Offers Innovative Tools for Utility Fleet Management

Established in 2000, Geotab has grown rapidly in the last two decades. What started as a family business now is a global company with offices in 11 countries. Geotab has now surpassed three million subscribers worldwide. Fleets use Geotab technology to process billions of data points every day.

Utility fleet management software from Geotab provides managers with data intelligence and real-time tracking of assets. Geotab also offers devices built for the harsh conditions utility vehicles often work in. The GO9 RUGGED telematics device is IP68 and IP69K rated, providing effective protection for even the worst weather.

Geotab also offers specialized telematics designed for utility fleets. Key features include:

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Geotab devices can help utilities cut idling time by up to 50 percent, reducing fuel consumption.

Improve Safety and Lower Risk

Good drivers are the backbone of any successful utility fleet, while bad drivers represent one of the biggest areas of risk. Geotab systems provide daily, weekly or monthly data on driving behavior, allowing managers to better develop effective driver management and training.

Remote Diagnostics

Connected devices provide real-time information on engines and drive systems, detecting mechanical issues early and avoiding on-the-road breakdowns. Systems also track maintenance needs for each vehicle, ensuring that each utility truck gets the required maintenance on time.

Asset Tracking

Geotab telematics can track both powered and non-powered assets, including vehicle, tractor trailers, containers and generators.

Advantages of Using Geotab for Utility Fleet Management

Geotab offers many advantages for utility fleet managers that put them to use.

  • Visibility of assets, costs, and workforce
  • Easy tracking of fuel usage, engine hours and PTO usage
  • Remote monitoring of seat belt use
  • Reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by gaining insights through data on idling trends
  • Advanced dashboard reports
  • Increasing vehicle uptime by optimizing vehicle usage
  • Open platform allows for easy integration of data
  • Marketplace Apps and Add-Ons

Geotab products offer solutions for utility fleet managers. With fleets around the globe using Geotab devices, working with Geotab gives utility fleet managers the benefit of knowing they are working with the best.

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