How Can I Bypass a Weigh Station? | Truck Scale Bypass App

While mandated by law, weigh station stops cause delays that can lead to problems meeting shipping schedules. Drivewyze® PreClear offers a legal way to to bypass a weigh station at 880 sites in 47 states and provinces in the United States and Canada.

The technology offered by Drivewyze not only makes operations more efficient, but also improves commercial fleet safety and maximizes a driver’s Hours of Service (HOS). Available through EnVue Telematics, Drivewyze gives commercial fleet managers the chance to leverage high carrier scores and keep their fleet on the road.

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How Drivewyze® PreClear Works

Drivewyze is the nation’s largest service that allows drivers to bypass a weigh station. The system works with fixed stations and mobile inspection sites using a smartphone or tablet. Drivers mount their device in the cab so they can easily and safely see the Drivewyze instructions.

If the weigh station or mobile inspection site participates in the Drivewyze bypass program, drivers receive a visual and audio alert as they approach within two miles of the weigh station. A second alert is sent as they reach the one-mile mark. The words “bypass supported” will appear on the screen if the station or site participates.

At that point, drivers receive either a “bypass” message with a green light or a “pull in” message with a red light. The chances of getting a bypass are determined primarily by your carrier’s safety score. 

For stations and sites that do not participate in the Drivewyze system, a two-mile and one-mile alert are still received along with the message “non-Drivewyze site.” The only instructions drivers receive in this case are to “follow road signs.”

Why Use Drivewyze?

Using a truck scale bypass system provides advantages for fleets and drivers. It also allows them to take great safety scores and use them to keep their fleet off the scales and on the road. Some of the major advantages include the following.

Saves time and money. By eliminating the need to slow down or stop, bypassing a weigh station saves driver time and cuts down on fuel costs. The Drivewyze system offers monthly reports that allow fleet managers to see what drivers received bypasses and where they received them, allowing them to quantify the amount of money and time saved.

Improve safety. Drivewyze PreClear is a hands-free technology, allowing drivers to keep their attention on the road as they use the truck scale bypass system. It complies with federal rules on distracted drivers. It also reduces the number of times drivers accidentally miss stopping at weigh stations. Because drivers do not have to slow down, change lanes or merge back onto the highway, it also can cut down on the number of accidents.

Recruiting tool. The best drivers know a Drivewyze system gives them a chance to leverage their good safety record and make better time on their deliveries. Drivers surveyed by Drivewyze said they are three times more likely to work with a company that uses weigh station bypass technology. Drivewyze offers a smart system that allows fleet drivers to bypass a weigh station and stay on the road. That leads to better safety and cost-savings. For managers who want an edge on the competition, it’s a system that provides what they need.

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