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At some point, many fleet managers make the tough decision to change telematics providers. It’s a sometimes necessary step that allows fleet leaders to keep pace with the latest innovations in technology and find the systems and services that best meet their needs. It’s not an easy call to make. Many managers have concerns about the process of making a transition that likely involves installation of new hardware and software. But the differences in products and services offered by the top tier of telematics companies can make the switch worthwhile. The need to change telematics providers is so common that the Truckload Carriers Association has added a “Switching Telematics Providers Without Going Crazy” webinar, co-sponsored by Geotab. The webinar includes information on how to choose fleet telematics providers. EnVue Telematics has years of experience in connecting fleets with the right telematics systems to solve challenges. The Texas-based company also provides customer service, support and consultancy, ensuring fleets get the most out of connected devices and systems. To demonstrate what advanced technology and quality services can do for a fleet, EnVue Telematics currently is offering a 30-day no cost, no obligation trial period for any service they offer.

Reasons Fleets Want to Change Telematics Providers

Fleet managers do not take making a change in telematics providers lightly. It’s a difficult choice, because they rely on accurate data generated by telematics to improve fleet operations and reduce risk. However, once a fleet manager becomes unhappy with their telematics service, it’s time to make a move. Fleet managers may consider a switch for many different reasons. Typically, they involve one or more of the following. Fleet managers are often seeking:

  • To get out of a long-term contract.
  • To find a telematics provider with better service, support and consultancy services
  • To get a price that matches the level of services and devices they receive
  • To find a telematics provider with systems that better integrates with other systems
  • To work with a telematics provider that has more experience
  • To partner with a service that complies with 4G as networks sunset 3G service

Making the switch to a new telematics provider is a tough decision to make. However, the above reasons provide fleet managers motivation to at least explore their options.

What Fleet Leaders Say About Changing Telematics Providers

The Commercial Carrier Journal covered the Truckload Carriers Association webinar on switching telematics providers. The CCJ article offered comments from company leaders who have already made a switch. Their comments offer insight into what fleet managers should consider when they begin the transition to a new provider. Anthony Meloy, training and recruiting manager at Trailiner, said he wished he had done more research into what various telematics providers offer. He recommended that fleet managers speak to their peers about experiences with different telematics providers. He also advised that fleets work with vendors who demonstrate detailed knowledge about their own products. Ryan Steagall, vice president of information technology at Big G Express, Inc., switched to Geotab. He said a commitment to training helps fleets make a smoother transition to a new service. The decision to change telematics providers is an important one. With companies such as EnVue Telematics that offer consultancy as well as the latest products, fleet managers have more reasons than ever to research how a change in provider can lead to improved fleet operations.

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