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The best fleet telematics providers have the latest technology solutions available for fleet management and provide support after the initial purchase to help companies get the most out of their new systems.

That support is key when looking to choose the right fleet telematics provider. But the place to start is ensuring the potential provider has the latest technology and data-driven solutions to keep your organization competitive.

Fleet Telematics Providers

The demand for telematics has grown as more companies have become aware of the benefits. Some of the most frequent uses include vehicle telematics, trailer tracking and container tracking. 

The following looks at some of the benefits of using a quality fleet telematics provider.

GPS Tracking Systems

GPS has been around for years, of course. But the latest systems go far beyond what the older systems accomplished. For example, these systems now come with detailed engine data for all major motor, car and truck manufacturers. That includes manufacturers in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

GPS tracking also gathers enormous amounts of data on vehicle performance, allowing fleet managers to set up rules that make driving more efficient. This also extends to managing safe driving and coaching drivers.

Modern systems also track engine performance and send out alerts when it is time for routine maintenance or if there are signs of an issue.

DOT Compliance

Modern systems also help fleets stay in compliance with the often-changing set of government and industry regulations that govern running a fleet. 

This includes an electronic logging device (ELD) that records a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) and replaces paper logbooks still used by some drivers to record compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. These systems assure compliance in these areas. 

They also help create and manage a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report ( DVIR), the record that confirms a driver has completed a commercial motor vehicle inspection. 


When choosing a fleet telematics provider, you want the one that offers a full range of commercial video equipment for your fleet. This includes cameras used to assist drivers by providing better angles for viewing other vehicles and potential hazards both behind and to the side of the vehicle.

Cabin cameras can also support distracted driver solutions, which in turn can lead to reduced expenses, lower insurance premiums and compliance with distracted driving laws.


These are some of the key areas where a telematics provider can improve your fleet management. However, perhaps the most important aspect of a good telematics provider is support after the purchase.

A quality fleet telematics provider offers expertise on how you can maximize the usefulness of the systems and improve your fleet. They are there to support their customers long after the initial purchase is made. Keep all the above in mind when searching for the best telematics provider. It will lead you to making a better choice and creating more effective and efficient fleet operations.

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